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Program Contacts

Program Director Laraine Herring (928) 776-2266
Instructional Specialist Michelle Peters (928) 776-2035
Dean Craig Ralston (928) 776-2311

Quick Facts

About the Creative Writing Certificate

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Creative Writing Certificate program, the learner will be able to:


  1. Use a variety of approaches to generate ideas for creative writing. (All courses in the program)
  2. Write creative work in a minimum of two genres. (All courses in the program)
  3. Analyze, evaluate and critique one's own writing and the writing of others. (All courses in the program)
  4. Identify resources and markets available to the creative writer. (CRW 139, CRW 140, CRW 141, CRW 142, CRW 143, CRW 250, CRW 251, CRW 252, CRW 295)

Program-Specific Requirements

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