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Program Contacts

Program Director Kenny Krebbs (928) 717-7911
Dean Scott Farnsworth (928) 776-2234

Quick Facts

About the Fire Science Driver/Operator Certificate

The Fire Science Driver/Operator certificate is designed to prepare the student to become a driver/operator of fire service pumping apparatus and hydraulics as it relates to the fire service.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Fire Science Driver/Operator Certificate program, the learner will be able to:


  1. Describe principles and characteristics of hydraulics and operate fire hydraulic pumps currently in use in the fire service. Compute nozzle pressures and characterize related hydraulics problems.  (FSC137)
  2. Deploy and operate fire apparatus and equipment and explain the principles and characteristics of water pressure. Identify types of pumps used in fire apparatus. (FSC138)
  3. Prescribe safety procedures for personnel operating in the fire ground. (FSC236)
  4. Direct firefighting operations to achieve maximum property conservation. (FSC238)
  5. Lead and manage functions and processes as the emergency scene commander. (FSC239)
  6. Determine factors and principles related to fire resistance, building codes and fire suppression issues. (FSC241)             

Program-Specific Requirements

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