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Program Contacts

Instructional Specialist Holly Molina (928) 776-2295
Program Director Michael Davis (928) 717-7938
Instructional Specialist Mitzi Martin (928) 776-2157
Dean Jill Fitzgerald (928) 776-2277

Quick Facts

About the Legal Office Secretary Certificate

The Legal Office Secretary certificate is designed to prepare students for entry-level secretarial positions in law offices.

Note: The student is expected to have mastered basic keyboarding skills before beginning this program.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Legal Office Secretary Certificate program, the learner will be able to:


  1. Use computer software applications including word processing, database, spreadsheet, presentation, operating systems, and internet skills to the law office setting. (CSA 172, LAW 105)
  2. Produce documents using advanced word processing skills. (CSA 112, CSA 140, LAW 105, LAW 107)
  3. Define legal terms and describe legal principles in the areas of tort, contract and criminal law. (LAW 100, LAW 107)
  4. Describe basic court systems and court procedures. (LAW 100, LAW 107)
  5. Transcribe, create, punctuate, proofread, format, revise, and print letters, memos, reports, tables, and legal documents. (BSA 105, BSA 233, LAW 105, LAW 107)
  6. Perform standard office practices including office communications, telephone skills, mailing methods, and time management. (BSA 111 or BSA 112 or BSA 113, LAW 107)
  7. Apply office-related professional etiquette skills. (LAW 107)
  8. Use multi-tasking and initiative techniques. (BSA 111 or BSA 112 or BSA 113, LAW 107)
  9. Describe legal office procedures and set priorities. (BSA 111 or BSA 112 or BSA 113, LAW 107)
  10. Complete law office billing. (LAW 105, LAW 107)
  11. Use filing systems as they pertain to the legal office. (CSA 172, LAW 107)
  12. File legal documents with the courts using appropriate procedures. (LAW 107)
  13. Maintain confidentiality as prescribed in Canons of Ethics. (LAW 101, LAW 107)
  14. Use the Harvard Law Review Bluebook uniform system of legal citations.  (LAW 107)
  15. Use general ledger bookkeeping and prepare financial statements. (ACC 121)

Program-Specific Requirements

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