Yavapai College Accreditation

Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Review of Yavapai College

  • Dr. Penelope Wills
  • Dr. Penelope Wills
    Yavapai College

Dear Colleagues,

Yavapai College has been selected as one of 14 national institutions to participate as a pioneer in the HLC Pathways Construction Project: A New Model for Continued Accreditation.

Open Pathways is a new model of re-accreditation that separates the process into two components: the Quality Initiative and the Assurance Review. The Quality Initiative focuses on an institutional improvement project. Over the past three years, Yavapai College’s Quality Initiative Project has been a study of A Comparative Analysis of Online and Face-to-Face Learning (2.2MB pdf). I encourage you to explore the final report as we begin to review and act on our study’s recommendations in the upcoming semester. The Assurance Review requires Yavapai College to provide evidence that YC meets threshold standards and is engaged in continuous improvement. (Yavapai College Affiliation Status)

Accreditation is a peer review process that evaluates educational programs and services for quality and to assess a college’s efforts toward continuous quality improvement. Regional accreditation is assurance to students, college and employers that education meets acceptable levels of quality and ensures transferability of credits and access to federal financial aid.

Please explore the entire Accreditation website. It includes information about the process, site visit details, news, FAQs, steering committee, and archives of prior resources. If you have additional questions about our accreditation process and reports, please contact Tom Hughes, Director Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research ( Tom.Hughes@yc.edu).

Warm Regards,

Dr. Penelope Wills, President, Yavapai College

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