Computer Usage Policies

Anyone abusing this policy may have their printing privileges revoked.

In order to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere for all students, the following procedures have been established to provide the best use for the computer lab.

  • No food or drinks are allowed at the computer stations.
  • Although the computer lab is an open lab please keep talking and noise level at a minimum.
  • Students are expected to leave their work area clean before vacating lab.
  • Any unused or scrap paper should be placed in the recycle crate located below the printers
  • No cell phones.
  • Children not allowed unless attended by an adult.

There are three scanners available for all students. Once you have finished your scanning please move to another computer so the scanner is available for other students.

When saving your work in the lab make sure you are saving it on your “Z” drive. Also be sure to make a backup of your files on your own media (flash drive or CD). The hard drives of the lab’s computers are cleaned out on a regular basis.

  • A lab assistant is present and available for help during lab hours.
  • Most computer class textbooks are available for check-out in the lab on a first come basis.
  • Headphones are available for student to check-out in the lab.

Beginning in Fall 2012, areas of the College which experience a particularly high volume of print jobs will be transitioned to WEPA (Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere) printing kiosks. With WEPA printing kiosks, you can now print from home to YC or from YC to other WEPA schools. For more information on printing with WEPA (Click Here).

WEPA Pricing at YC

Simplex Prints

  • B&W: $.10
  • Color: $.50

Duplex Prints

  • B&W: $.18
  • Color: $.95

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • YC Flexicash
  • Credit/debit card (surcharge applies) payment made at WEPA kiosk at time of printing
  • WEPA Account
  • WEPA Print Cards available at:
  • Prescott – bookstore*, cashier, library, and mail center
  • Prescott Valley – front desk
  • Chino Valley – front desk
  • Verde Valley – cashier and library
  • Financial aid can be used to purchase WEPA Print Cards at the bookstore
  Proper Usage

It is against policy to view, send or display inappropriate, abusive or threatening material via the computers.

Anyone found damaging/abusing the computers may be subject to immediate suspension of their computer privileges suspended and any appropriate action may be taken. These actions include and are not limited to:

  • Illegal copying of copyrighted software.
  • Physical damage to the computers, hardware, software or the facility.

The computer lab adheres to the college’s computer, Internet and electronic communications policy.


Anyone abusing this policy may have their privileges revoked.