Adjunct Faculty Compensation, Workload & Benefits

Adjunct faculty members will be compensated based on an amount, determined annually within the budget development process, for each load hour taught.

The Adjunct Faculty pay rate for the 2014-2015 Academic year is $717.00 per load hour.

Load hours are determined using procedures adopted for the same purpose for full-time faculty.

Adjunct faculty are appointed on a course-by-course basis, contingent on sufficient enrollment, teaching assigned courses and paid on a load-hour basis. Adjunct faculty normally do not teach more than nine (9) load hours in each regular semester of employment, and may teach up to a maximum of 10.2 load hours per semester should the supervising Dean make exceptions. The Dean will inform the Vice President for Instruction and Student Services of exceptions above nine load hours. (HR Policy Policy Number: 2.2.1- Title: Employee Classification and Status; Effective Date: December 6, 2011.)

How is your load hour and pay determined? Click here to open Payroll Determination information for 2014-15 on payroll dates and how your pay is determined. Remember, if you have questions, please consult with your Division Dean.

Benefits for Adjunct Faculty

Enrollment for courses by the adjunct faculty member may not conflict with the faculty member's teaching assignment for the college. (see HR Policy 2.3.10) Adjunct faculty should check with their instructional Dean for more information.

Adjunct Faculty have the option of direct deposit payroll.

During the semester of the teaching assignment, adjunct faculty may receive the same discounts for college events and bookstore purchases as are awarded to full-time faculty, if available.

Adjunct Faculty are members of the Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA). Adjunct Faculty may elect to be an Associate non-voting member of the Faculty Association by paying annual dues, which include dues paid to the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

Professional Development Opportunities

Yavapai College offers many professional development activities for all faculty; many within Adjunct Faculty Meetings. Please visit the YC Training Site for upcoming meetings and agendas. We also provide training through HR, the YC GIFT Centers, and Libraries. Funding for external workshops and seminars may be available for Adjunct Faculty through Academic Divisions; check with your Division office.