Expectations of Adjunct Faculty Members

General Information and Conditions

Adjunct Faculty teaching assignments are subject to course meeting minimum enrollment requirements and college needs. Teaching credentials must be documented and on file with Yavapai College prior to the beginning of this assignment. Employment is on a non-continuing basis, and consecutive teaching assignments do not lead to probationary or continuing faculty status. In accordance with Arizona law, the College’s employment relationship with you is at will, and based upon mutual consent. This notice does not constitute a contract. This means that either you or the College may choose to end the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause or notice. In the event that a full-time faculty in your academic division is not able to fulfill required credit/load hours, they may be assigned to take over your teaching requirements.

As an adjunct faculty member you agree to and acknowledge the following employment expectations:

  • Compensation will be as approved by the Governing Board. This compensation may be subject to change based upon specific employment responsibilities and course criteria assigned to the position including, but not limited to, dual enrollment, course enrollment, or other institutional situations.
  • In the event you are absent from a class meeting, $20.00 per class hour will be deducted from your compensation.
  • Meet and teach assigned classes in accordance with course outlines, including specified textbooks. A course outline is a district-approved document covering such items as course prefix, number, title, description, learning outcomes, content and textbook.
  • Develop a course syllabus based on the approved college outline. A syllabus is a learning plan designed by the instructor to inform students about the learning outcomes, assessment requirements, grading criteria, attendance standards, instruction and institution policies and support services. For more on creating and writing a syllabus, visit this link.
  • College policy requires you use the official email address provided by Yavapai College in Outlook Web Access (yourname@instructor.yc.edu) upon completion of your credentialing. It is expected that you will monitor the email account regularly for official correspondence from Yavapai College and your Division, and respond to students in a timely and professional manner. You may access your email account through the myYC Portal login, also located on the Yavapai College Homepage.
  • Attend such meetings and workshops as may be necessary to obtain or renew certification or essential licensure requirements.
  • Document the completion of three (3) hours per semester of professional development activities related to the discipline area and student learning. This can be training provided in adjunct faculty meetings, or professional development opportunities provided on campus by your division, TELS, or the faculty GIFT Center.
  • Attend other meetings as required by your division or department.
  • In unusual circumstances, departments or divisions may request approval from the supervising dean to assign adjunct faculty special duties or assignments. Such special duties or assignments will be on an agreement separate from the adjunct faculty's teaching assignment agreement.
  • Promptly submit required rosters, grade reports, evaluations, and academic reports.
  • Follow the same accepted standards of conduct as the full-time faculty as described in applicable administrative procedures which relate to unsatisfactory service and conduct unbecoming a faculty member (HR Policy 2.4.3: Performance Expectations and Corrective Action).