Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support

EMS140: Organized approach to trauma care for EMTs and nurses who evaluate and stabilize the trauma victim. Stresses conditions which cannot be stabilized in pre-hospital environment and require immediate transport.

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Course Outcome

  • Conduct an injury assessment in the pre-hospital setting
  • Maintain the airway patency and adequate ventilatory status of the injured patient
  • Recognize and treat the signs and symptoms of hypovolemic shock in the injured patient
  • Identify those patients suffering head/spinal injuries that require spinal motion restriction
  • Manage a suspected lower extremity injury using an appropriate immobilization device
  • Select and employ the appropriate trauma treatments for the pre-hospital injured patient
  • Discuss the most common blood borne viral illnesses to which EMS providers are likely to be exposed in the provision of trauma patient care

Pre-Course Requirements

  • Current EMT
  • Current Pre-Hospital Provider
  • Current In-Hospital Provider

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