Industrial Machine Mechanic

The Industrial Machine Mechanic degree program is designed to prepare students for careers in industrial plant and production machinery installation, maintenance, repair, and fabrication. Students will understand the mechanics of machines used in businesses from local sole entrepreneurship to city municipalities. They will also learn welding theory, techniques, and safety used in repair and fabrication, be able to know the setup and operation of computer numerical control machinery (optional) used in repair and material fabrication. As well as learn the safe use and understanding of rigging techniques, and how to function as a safe and productive part of the maintenance team. The types of machines taught include pumps, valves, hydraulic/pneumatic, and bulk material handling (example conveyer systems).

This course program is designed to bring the student from little to no knowledge of tools or machinery to a level at or above industry standards as a safe and effective employee of considerable knowledge.

Job opportunities can be found in local area or throughout the world and salary depends upon location.

  • Conveyer belt
  • Shaping a tool
  • The element being shaped
  • Gears being created
  • A pipe system in a shop
  • Students in a die shop
  • Gears being worked together
  • Instructor showing a student how to do it
 Degree: AAS in Industrial Machine Mechanic

Associate of Applied Science Degrees:

AAS in Industrial Machine Mechanic

The Industrial Machine Mechanic degree program is designed to prepare students for careers in plant machinery installation, maintenance, and fabrication.



Industrial Machine Mechanic

The Industrial Machine Mechanic certificate is designed to prepare students for an entry-level career in plant machinery installation, maintenance, and fabrication.

 Program Facts

Limited internships are available through Freeport (FMI) and ASARCO which require an application, interview, and selection process in accordance with the individual organization policies.


What is an Industrial Machine Mechanic?

Also known as a Millwright, you maintain, repair, install, dismantle and adjust factory equipment and industrial machinery, such as conveying systems, production machinery, and packaging equipment in factories, power plants, refineries, pipeline distribution systems, construction sites and more.

What types of employers are out there?

Power plants –nuclear/coal/solar/hydroelectric/wind turbines, mines, contract work, cities, water plants, county, airports, refineries, oil rigs, consultants, aerospace, shipyards, and private manufacturing companies that make anything from clothes to paper clips. Basically any industry that uses large machinery to make, pack, ship, bottle, load and move things needs an Industrial Machine Mechanic.

How much does it pay?

The median annual wage for industrial machinery mechanics was $45,840 in May 2012, and the job outlook is faster than average according to the Dept of Labor.

What will I learn in class?

Learn how machinery that powers most things in the work works! Pumps, pipes, valves, hydraulics, pneumatics, bearings, seals, levers, conveyor belts, pulleys, build your own machines, tools, trouble shooting, safety, blueprints -not just how to read but how to write and draft your own blueprints and rigging.

What is Rigging?

In Rigging class you will learn how to fasten loads to cranes, hitch configurations, safe loading practices, load inspection and rigging hardware. It is like its own field in itself, Riggers work docks, cranes, shipping, cargo, construction and more.

Where can I work?

Every State in the country and most countries in the world need Industrial Machine Mechanics!

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Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold is in a unique partnership with Yavapai College, CTEC, offering a two year Mining Internship Program, including Diesel Technician, Electrical & Instrumentation Technology and Industrial Machine Mechanic. For further information please contact Stephanie Wiltcher at 928 717 7107 or

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