Applied Pre-Engineering

Yavapai College’s Applied Pre-Engineering Program places greater emphasis on real-world engineering applications so you can see the benefit of Applied Math and Science.

  • CNC student technician
  • CNC student working a machine
  • Two CNC students working a manchine
  • Two students calibrating a CNC machine
  • Teacher and student at CNC machine

 AAS in Applied Pre-Engineering

Associate of Applied Science Degrees:

AAS - Applied Pre-Engineering

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Applied Pre-Engineering is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of engineering concepts.

 Earn Six Different Certifications

Additional Certificates Earned:

Engineering students are overwhelmed with math and science in their first 2 years at university, and may lose sight of engineering goals. Our program exposes you to cutting edge industrial engineering applications that will get you pumped about math and science. You’ll want to take higher math and science classes once you learn how they can be applied to engineering.

The best part of Yavapai College’s Applied Pre-Engineering Program is not only do you come away with an Associate’s degree in Applied Pre-Engineering, but you’ll also earn six separate industry certifications for electronics, robotics and computer numerical control!

These certifications include:

  • CNC Machine Setup (HAAS)
  • 3D Programming and Rapid Prototyping (FeatureCam)
  • Digital Electronics (ISCET: International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians)
  • CNC Machining (HAAS)
  • Computer aided programming for CNC (FeatureCam)
  • Robot Programmer/Operator (GE FANUC, world leader in robotics)
 Certificate: Electrical Instrumentation Technician


Electrical Instrumentation Technician

The Electrical Instrumentation Technician certificate is designed to prepare students for positions in the installation, repair and maintenance of commercial electrical and electronic equipment.

 Certificate: Electronics Technology


Electronics Technology

The Electronics Technology certificate prepares students for a wide variety of careers in Electronics Technology as an electronics technician, communications technician or field service engineer.

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