Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy

Jeff NewnumWelcome! On behalf of my academy staff, I want to welcome you to the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy.

The goal of our Basic Training Program is to provide you with the highest quality law enforcement training so that you may acquire the needed knowledge, develop necessary skills, and become confident in your ability to become a successful peace officer. You will soon discover that the law enforcement profession is one of high demands and self rewards. Along the way, you will be challenged with a rigorous training program to help prepare you to perform the duties of a peace officer.

Thank You,

Jeff Newnum, Academy Commander


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About the Academy

 About The Academy

NARTA is regional training center serving city, county, tribal, and state law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Arizona. Recruits must be sponsored by an agency before entering the academy. The training center is housed at the Yavapai College Prescott Valley Campus in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Drivers and Firearms Training, and Stop and Approach are held at off-campus locations.


"Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy is dedicated to provide the highest quality of basic law enforcement training to the diverse law enforcement agencies thought the state of Arizona, through effective instruction and leadership."


The basic training program is designed to introduce recruits to law enforcement work. The training provided will be demanding, as is the job of law enforcement. The experience at NARTA will challenge you mentally, physically, and academically, while at the same time, lay a foundation for advanced training. In order to assure the best possible chance of future success, attention to detail, individual responsibility, self-discipline, autonomy, and teamwork, amongst other qualities will be stressed and required. The academy staff will provide a positive, professional environment for recruits so they may acquire needed knowledge, develop necessary physical skills, and become confident in their ability to become successful peace officers.

 Training Program

Basic Training Program:

This program is an 20-week course encompassing 800 training hours. The program includes an Intoxilyzer 8000 Operation Certification, Impaired Driver Detection, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Training/Wet Workshop, Taser Certification, and Response to Active Shooter.

Standards of Conduct - The law enforcement profession demands honesty, integrity, and moral decency from its members. To foster this type of behavior, recruits will be expected to abide by the Academy's Standards of Conduct.

Class Start and Graduation Dates

  • Class 41: August 1 - December 15, 2016
  • Class 42: January 9 - May 25, 2017
 Training Standards

The Academy is required by Arizona Peace Offices's and Standards Training (AzPOST) to ensure that each graduate of basic training meets specific minimum performance objectives. How NARTA meets this legal duty by enforcing the following training standards visit this link for detailed information.

 Uniform, Grooming

For the first few weeks, all recruits will be required to wear appropriate business attire. This consists of a button-down white shirt, black dress pants, and running shoes. Recruits will begin wearing agency uniforms at the discretion of the class sergeant. Recruits must have their agency uniforms available no later than the beginning of the third week of training. For more detailed information regarding uniform standards visit this link.

 Housing, Parking & Meal Information

Housing at Yavapai College in Prescott is available for recruits living outside a 35-mile radius of NARTA headquarters. For more detailed information visit this link.

 Community Involvement

NARTA recognizes the value of community involvement as a precursor to community-orientated policing. To that end NARTA is involved in many projects in the community to instill a sense of commitment to the community. Some of the projects NARTA has been involved in include: Head Start, Adopt a Highway, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The 100 Club of Arizona, Shop With A Cop, and Special Olympics of Arizona.

Contact Us

  • Sgt. Corey Kasun, Class Sergeant
  • Nita Hillig, Administrative Specialist
  • 6955 Panther Path
  • Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
  • 928.717.7940 NARTA
  • 928.717.7941 Sergeant