YC Nursing Application Process

Students wishing to apply to the Yavapai College Nursing Program must take the Nursing Preadmission exam and include these results in their application packet. Scroll down for detailed instructions on the exam.

Required! All applicants to the Nursing Program at Yavapai college are REQUIRED to meet with an advisor/counselor. Contact the Counseling office on either campus for an appointment with the nursing counselor. Please print the Sample Nursing Application Guide from this web page.

On the Prescott campus, please call or email Jodi Showler, M.S. Ed. at 928.776.2106. Email:jodi.showler@yc.edu

On the Verde Valley campus, please call 928.634.6510 to schedule an appointment


Nursing Program Applications

 Nursing Application Information

Nursing Application Information

There is a $55 application fee for Arizona residents to apply for nursing admission. Please be advised that the program prerequisites and admission requirements may change. Please attend a workshop for details.

Please be advised the application information is subject to change and that you MUST submit forms from the current application guide. Click here for 2016 Fall Nursing Application Guide.pdf.

Nursing Preadmission Exam Payment

Nursing Program Application Fees

Pay Nursing Fees ONLINEPlease click on this link which will take you to the YC Marketplace. Select either the Nursing Advanced Placement Exam fees, Application Fees, or Re-take exam fees. Then follow the onscreen instructions to pay the fee with your charge card or electronic check. We recommend that you take your preadmission exam prior to paying the Application fee.

 Fingerprint Clearance Procedure

Please be advised that the Nursing Program at Yavapai College requires a DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card with your Nursing Program Application. Please apply early; clearance can take 6 -12 weeks.

Fingerprint clearance card applications can be obtained from the Yavapai College Campus Police Department. Click here.

For details on the fingerprint application process, please check this state of Arizona web page. Click here.

 Immunization Documentation

Immunization Documentation:

You must submit specific immunization documentation as part of your application. Please read the Information Guide completely paying particular attention to the Immunization and Documentation Cover Sheet for a list of everything that is required. Click here for a list of immunizations and documentation required.

If you have questions, please call the nursing applications coordinator at 928.634.6546.

 Pre-Admission Exam

Pre-Admission Exam:

Prior to applying to the Yavapai College Nursing Program you must take the Yavapai College Nursing Pre-Admission exam. The exam fee is $65. Testing dates for Spring 2017 admission are available Here.

Students are accepted to the Yavapai College Nursing Program by their ranked test scores and other criteria. Minimum acceptable test scores, on the summary sheet, are 75.

(HESI A2) Admission Assessment Exam Review 3rd EditionA review book is available: Evolve Reach (HESI A2) Admission Assessment Exam Review¸ 3rd Edition Publisher: Mosby/Elsevier ISBN# 978-1455703333 available from the Yavapai College bookstore and online.

A review book is available from Mometrix Media.

You will be tested on: reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge, math, anatomy & physiology and critical thinking. You will not be tested on the other sections in the study guide.

 PDF Files for Download and Important Links

PDF files for Download and Important Links:

Yavapai College CPR Training Resource

  • Yavapai College Course # EMS 123
 Application for ADVANCED PLACEMENT in the YC Nursing Program

Application guide for ADVANCED PLACEMENT - Fall 2016

Nursing Program Advanced Placement

Attention!This guide is for currently Licensed Practical Nurses with IV Certification only. The Yavapai College Nursing Program does not accept transfer students from other Nursing Programs. A transfer student, without an LPN license and IV Certification, must apply to enter the program with the next beginning cohort group. Contact Keryn Lafferty in the Nursing Department by phone at (928) 634-6546 or by email to keryn.lafferty@yc.edu for any updates to this guide.

The next date for the Mobility Exam for Advanced Placement for Fall 2016 admission will be on Friday, February 26, 2016, at 8:00 a.m. The exam will be given in the Prescott Testing Center of Yavapai College. Here is an outline of the test you will be taking. We recommend any good NCLEX-PN book as a study guide.

You will also need to take a math exam, a practice test is available here. Here is a chart of the conversions you will need to know to take this nursing math test.

 Application for RE-ADMISSION to the YC Nursing Program

Application for RE-ADMISSION:

The Reapplication process is open until Tuesday January 5, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. Please fill out the application and include a one-page brief letter to Director Brown detailing the reasons that you believe contributed to your not passing, the steps that you will be taking to ensure your success during your repeat semester, and a copy of your receipt for the application fee. Re-Applications can be faxed directly to the Nursing Department at 928-776-2394 or emailed directly to Mrs. Brown at mary.brown@yc.edu or dropped off at the Prescott Campus in Building 2, Room 228. Please note that in order to successfully apply, your Certified Background account must be current and up-to-date with no expirations on your account.

Readmission Infoguide Spring 2016