YC Nursing Course Information

Please be advised that the Nursing assistant Program and the Nursing Program at Yavapai College require that your DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card be attached to your application. Please apply for your DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card ASAP.

 Nursing Student Handbook and YC Code of Conduct

Nursing Student Handbook and YC Code of Conduct:

First semester nursing students are given a copy of the Nursing Student Handbook at the beginning of the year. All students must be familiar with the CURRENT handbook. Click here for the Fall 2015 Nursing Student Handbook.

There is also a Yavapai College Code of Conduct which must be adhered to by all students.

 1st Semester Students

NSG131 Required Books - Fall 2013:

You will use these books throughout your training at YC. Textbooks are listed in the order you will need, to help you prioritize your budget. You may purchase e-books in addition to your paper textbook. You may also purchase the e-book, where available, instead of the paper copy; however, you MUST be able to bring your textbook to class.

Click here to download NSG 131 textbook list file "pdf"

 Uniform and Other Required Items

Nursing Program Uniform:

Required!Students need appropriate uniforms by week 2 of the semester to wear to the clinical site tour. No substitutions are permitted on uniform tops. It is advised that you purchase two uniforms.

  • Cherokee, Mobb or Barco Brands scrub top, any style, color Hunter Green.
  • The Yavapai College Nursing Program cannot endorse any uniform or equipment supplier.

Other Required Items:

  • Uniform pants, Cherokee, Mobb or Barco Brands, any style, Color Hunter Green.
  • White rubber-soled shoes or leather athletic shoes. Closed heels; no clogs or canvas sneakers.
  • White lab coat – your choice of styles.
  • Wrist watch with a sweeping second hand (not digital).
  • Black pen – not erasable.
  • Stethoscope with diaphragm & bell ($15-$30). Expensive model unnecessary.
  • Pen Light
  • Bandage scissors

Patch Location

Click here for a pdf file with the patch location for all semesters. 2 sets of patches will be given to you by Nursing. If you need additional patches, the bookstore will have them for sale.

 Other Information & Resources

Textbooks for Other Semesters:

  • 2nd semester NO NEW TEXTBOOKS. You will need your first semester Pharmacology textbook and study guide for NSG 210 and the Med-Surg textbook and study guide. You will purchase your Maternal Child textbook in 3rd semester.
  • 3rd semester: You will add: 1) Maternal Child Nursing Care textbook (2) Maternal Child Nursing Care Study Guide (recommended) and (3) Intravenous Medications book. (4) A recommended purchase is an NCLEX-RN review book.
  • Summer session and/or 4th semester: You will add books for Management and Mental Health Nursing.

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