Nursing Faculty and Staff


Name and Title Email & Telephone
Mary Brown,Nursing Program Director Prescott: 776-2247;
Administrative Staff: Prescott: 776-2247
Patricia (Patty) Naville, Administrative Assistant Prescott: 776-2017;
Keryn Lafferty, Verde Administrative Assistant Verde: 634-6546;
Daintry Donovan, Assistant III (Student Records) Prescott: 776-2078;

Nursing Instructors

Name and Title Email & Telephone
Selina Bliss, Nursing Instructor Prescott: 776-2249;
Lisa Church, Nursing Instructor Prescott: 771-6190;
Nancy Files, Clinical Coordinator Prescott: 771-4859;
Sally Isaacson, Psychiatric/Mental Health Instructor Prescott: 776-2248;
Sandra Johnson, Nursing Instructor Verde: 634-6547;
Nancy Mitchell, Nursing Instructor Prescott: 717-7622;
Kim Parker, Skills Lab Coordinator Prescott: 776-2250;
Lori Riden, Perinatal & Women's Health Instructor Prescott: 771-4856;
Cynthia Schroder, Nursing Instructor Verde: 771-5470;
Rosemarie Thieme, Nursing Instructor Prescott: 717-7672;
Maria Thomas, Nursing Instructor Prescott: 771-4863;
Myra Whitt, Nursing Instructor Prescott: 717-7904;
Katherine Windsor, Nursing Instructor Prescott: 771-6164;

Nursing Advisors

Name and Title Email & Telephone
Jodi Showler, Nursing Advisor - Prescott Prescott: 717-7735;
Allied Health Advisor - Verde Verde: 634-6517;