HPER Facilities

In addition to our abundance of quality instructors, Yavapai College provides its students access to high-quality facilities on the Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Verde Valley campuses.

For access to our facilities, sign up for a course, or purchase a Flex Pass between semesters.

Prescott Campus

 Fitness Center / Weight Room

Weight Room

The weight room contains state of the art equipment and instruction. It is in near constant use from 6a.m. until 7:30p.m., Monday thru Friday.

It has a variety of lifting equipment including selectorized machines and free weights as well as over a dozen different pieces of cardio equipment.

For questions or a current schedule, contact: Paula Tomitz at (928) 776-2238 or email: paula.tomitz@yc.edu

Weight Room
Weight Room
 The Pools
Lap Pool

Lap Pool

  • 6 lanes - 25 yards in length
  • cantilever gutter system
  • recessed ladders
  • starting blocks
  • hydraulic chair lift
  • 83° water temp to accommodate active swimmers and aqua-fitters

C-Shaped Pool

Therapy Pool

The therapy pool is heated to 90 degrees to better accommodate temperature sensitive aqua-fitters and for our new arthritis classes. This warmer temperature will more sufficiently suit the needs of children's smaller bodies for the swim lesson program.

Features of this pool include a hand rail step-in entry, a unique design shape, and a hydraulic chair lift.

Questions regarding pool hours, pool use, pool rental, etc., can be directed to Paula Tomitz at (928) 776-2238.

 Aerobics Room (Building 2, Rooms #140/141)

Aerobics Room

The aerobics room is equipped with a specialty wood spring floor for our group exercise classes. The practicality of this flooring is almost surpassed by the sheer beauty of the wood grain. It also has the ability to be divided in two.

Aerobics Room