Art Scholarship Information

Art scholarships are open to students pursuing degrees or certificates in the Fine Arts, Graphic Design, or Photography programs. Scholarship recipients are required to complete six credit hours of course work each semester and maintain a B average in these courses. It is preferred that recipients enroll in 2 courses with the ART prefix, but it is acceptable to enroll in one ART course and one other course required by the art degree or certificate program. Scholarship recipients will be notified by mail and will be asked to assist with preparations for the Student Exhibition in the YC Art Gallery as need, student schedule permitting.

Application Requirements:

Applications for the 2014 - 2015 academic year will be submitted on-line along with 5 portfolio images that will be uploaded. The deadline for submission is midnight, March 21, 2014. Submissions after the deadline or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Portfolio images should be in JPEG format no larger than 12 inches on the largest side and at 72 ppi. Image files should be labeled as follows: last name, first name, image #. (example: Doe,John,1.jpg) Submit a total of five images of recent artwork.

Students will be required to submit a FAFSA by April 1, 2014. You can do this at

Application Form

City, State & Zip:
Phone(area code +):
Faculty Reference:
Art Degree/Certificate Associate of Fine Art
AAS Graphic Design
Certificate - Graphic Design
Certificate - Photography
Statement of Intention: (A brief statement about your educational and/or career goals)
Image #1:upload file size is limited to 5mb
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Image #5:upload file size is limited to 5mb

Contact Michelle Peters at if you have any questions.