Faculty Association

All personnel with full-time faculty contracts are eligible for membership in the Faculty Association.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Association is a chapter of the American Association of University Professors. The Association participates in matters of educational policy within the limits prescribed by Federal and State law, the policies of the District Governing Board of Yavapai College, and the Statement of Understanding on Shared Governance approved by the Faculty Association and the Yavapai College Provost in 2006.

The Faculty Association includes nine standing committees and exercises its powers through its representative body, the Faculty Senate. Officers of the Senate include a President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past-President. There are at least six senators on the Senate. The officers and senator serve limited terms and are elected by the members of the Faculty Association. Regularly scheduled meetings are held from August through May.

For meeting minutes, contact the Senate Secretary. Contact any member of the Senate for other inquiries.

Current Composition of the Senate:


Officers Name
President Dave Gorman (FNDT)
President Elect Selina Bliss (SHPS)
Past President Vikki Bentz (BESS)
Secretary/Archivist Selina Bliss (SHPS)
Treasurer Nichole Wilson (ARHU)


Name Name
Jim Bostwick (FNDT) Josh Schmidt (SHPS)
Michael Davis (BESS) Robert Smith (TECH)
Ron Luellen (TECH) Jason Whitesitt (FNDT)
Steve Mason (ARHU) Katie Windsor (SHPS)
Lauren McCrea (ARHU) Marnee Zazueta (TECH)

Faculty Association Standing Committees

Committee Chair
College Standards Chair Deborah Roberts (ARHU)
Curriculum Chair Laura Bloomenstein (ARHU)
Developmental Education Chair Mary Verbout (FNDT)
Faculty Affairs Chair Paul Smolenyak (SHPS)
GIFT Jerri Hamilton (FNDT)
Faculty Compensation Chair Cindy DeCecco (ARHU)
General Education Chair Suzanne Waldenburger (ARHU)
Probationary Faculty Review Chair Lindsay Henning (BESS)
Professional Growth Chair Steve Mason (ARHU)
SLOA Chair Joanne Oellers (SHPS)