Credit Classes (for degrees and certificates)

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Like totallyCredit classes can be taken for use in earning a degree or certificate, for transfer to another institution, etc.  All classes are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Yavapai College also offers credit classes for individuals who wish to pursue a hobby - whether you wish to learn a foreign language, learn automotive repair, or become an artist or photographer.

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Non-Credit Classes (for fun and activities)

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Mmm-hmmNon-Credit (Community Education) classes cover subjects related to leisure, lifestyle and special interests.  Courses range from single day seminars up to six week classes.

Non-credit classes do not earn credits applicable towards degrees or certificates.They are taught by community professionals experienced in their chosen field.

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Credit classes

Non-credit classes

  • Cost: varies
  • Transfer Options: not available
  • Class Length: varies from one day to six weeks
  • Classes Offered: in-person only