Bills & Payment Information

Summer 2016 Payment Due Date

Payment of tuition is required at the time of registration for the Summer semester.  In order to secure your class registration, please make sure your student account has one of the following:  full payment, enrollment in a payment plan or an approved financial aid award (approved awards are reflected on account).  Online payment can be made by clicking “My Services”, then “Students” then “My Bills and Payments” from the YC website. 

Any unpaid tuition will result in dropped classes for the amount owed.  For questions regarding payment please contact  Thank you.

Summer 2016 payment plan details

Online automated payment plan information

2015-2016 Tuition and Fees

Fall 2016 Payment Due Date

All tuition/fees are automatically deferred until Wednesday, July 20, 2016, at which time they must be paid in full, a payment plan set up or approved financial aid reflected on account,  in order to secure your class registration.  After July 20, 2016, any classes registered for are due at the time of enrollment.  Online payment or a payment plan can be made by clicking “My Bills and Payments” from within the YC portal.  Fall 2016 payment plans will be available beginning June 2, 2016.

Fall 2016 payment plan details

2016-2017 Tuition and Fees

Payments in Person

In-person payments will be accepted at either cashier stations on the Prescott and Verde Campuses.

3rd Party Tuition Billings

If you have an outside agency (employer, workman’s comp.,etc.) that will be paying your tuition, a 3rd party billing can be set up for you. This is what is required:

1. A letter of authorization on the agency’s letterhead containing student’s name, term, how much is being authorized or specific classes and any limitations along with their contact person and billing address must be either faxed to 928-776-2105 or e-mailed to the Bursar,

The letter will serve as payment to hold classes. However, in order to hold classes, the letter must be received by the Bursar on or before the day classes are registered for.

Any questions regarding 3rd party billing can be directed to the Bursar at the e-mail above or 928-776-2138.

Refund Information

Tuition Refunds are processed weekly, typically for release on Wednesdays. If there have been no credit card payments or a refund profile has not been set up, a check will be issued and mailed. IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your address in your YC Portal is current.

Financial Aid Refunds are also processed weekly, typically for release on Wednesdays. Financial Aid refunds will be issued in one of the following two ways:

1. By check mailed through USPS (no pick up option available). IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have your current address updated in your YC Portal under “Personal Information” to ensure your check will be mailed to the correct address.

2. Electronically by ACH refund profile. Refund profiles can be set up in your YC Portal under “My Bills and Payments” by clicking on any of the following: “eRefunds”, “My Profiles” or on the blue “Refund Account Setup” in the Account Alerts box. You will be setting up a payment profile and then check the box that says “Use this for refunds”.

Refund deadlines for dropping classes

Refund Appeal Form: (Please read form to determine if you are eligible to apply)

Student Account Information

For Questions regarding your student account balance, payments, payment plans, refunds or any other student account related issue, you may contact the Cashier at 928-776-2124 or the Bursar at 928-776-2138 or

Financial Aid Information

For questions pertaining to Financial Aid please contact the Financial Aid Office at Phone 928-776-2152 or

Registration Information

For questions regarding adding or dropping classes please contact the Answer Center at Phone 928-776-2149 or

Residence Life Information

For questions regarding your housing assignment, to change a meal plan or residence hall selection or any other housing/meal related questions or issues, you may contact the Residence Life Office at 928-776-2220 or