YC Student Leadership Council

Empowering our students by giving them a VOICE!

The SLC promotes student involvement on all YC campuses by providing a place to voice their concerns, ideas, opinions and considerations. Members serve as liaison between YC students and college faculty, staff, and administration.

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  Why join SLC?

The members of the SLC help conduct studies, surveys, polls and other forms of collecting information pertaining to everyday operations at YC, especially those that impact students.

  • You will have the opportunity to develop leadership philosophies and skills on both an individual and group basis.
  • You will provide a valuable service to Yavapai College and the local communities.
  • You will participate in teambuilding activities.
  • You will learn to design, lead, and complete community service projects.
  • The SLC will help build your resume and contact list for future employment and education opportunities.

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  What role can I play?
  • You will serve as a liaison and represent the opinions of YC students.
  • You will have the opportunity to serve on district-wide committees and give input on changes that affect governance for YC students.
  • Overall be a voice for students at YC.

SLC members served on a Textbook Study Committee that reviewed books and provided input for lowering costs.

  Membership Requirements
  • Maintain a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Make a commitment of at least 2 semesters to the program.
  • Stay enrolled in at least 12 credit hours a semester, 9 of which need to apply to a certificate, degree, or other transferable option.
  • Attend SLC meetings, typically held the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. Times are TBD upon acceptance to SLC.
  • Be in good standing with Yavapai College and Campus Safety.
  • For additional information please see the 2016-17 SLC Contract.
  What can SLC do for me?

In exchange for your service, SLC members will receive scholarship money. All SLC students will be provided financial aid to cover up to 15 full time credit hours. In addition to a tuition scholarship, SLC students receive partial aid for books, room and board (amount may vary). For more information please see the application guidelines for a detailed breakdown of aid.