Yavapai College Police

College Police

"Encouraging Excellence through Integrity and Compassion"

The Yavapai College Police Department is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty and staff members as well as serving the community by improving the quality of life and focusing on professionalism, integrity, excellence, and leadership. We strive to be proactive while enforcing the laws of the State of Arizona while upholding the United States Constitution and raising the level of preparedness in order to meet current needs and the challenges that may arise.

Emergency Response: Click here to know what to do.

Emergency Telephones - Locations & Operation

PoliceOur campuses are equipped with emergency telephones so you can easily call for help if you need it. Just locate the emergency telephones topped with a blue light. You can also view a campus map of the emergency phone locations.


In an emergency, press the large red button. It's like dialing '911'

College Police and local area law enforcement will be immediately notified of the emergency and respond. As long as it is safe to do so, please stay by the emergency phone until an officer arrives.

The black button is for non-emergency purposes. It rings directly to the College Police Department. Consider using the emergency phone's black button for issues including: disabled vehicle assistance, unlocking of a classroom, reporting minor injuries, traffic accidents without injuries, lost and found assistance, or if you are lost and in need of directions.

Welcome to the Yavapai College Police Department!

As a full service college police department, our department is staffed by highly trained officers who are AZPOST certified. We have the same responsibilities and authority as municipal, county or state law enforcement agencies. We promote safety and responsibility through education, training, interaction and when necessary, enforcement of the law.

The primary role of the Yavapai College Police Department is to provide assistance and protection of people on all campuses, protection of their property and protection of College property within the District. The Yavapai College Police Department takes pride in providing a high level of customer service and feel it is a privilege to be granted the opportunity to serve students, employees and visitors within our community.


Les Strickland
Interim Chief of Police, Yavapai College