Frequently Asked Questions

  How do I apply for financial aid?
  I filled out my FAFSA and received aid last year. Do I need to do it again this year?
  Is my financial aid file complete?
  I recently completed my entrance counseling online. Why does it show as needed on my YC webpage?
  I submitted my FAFSA weeks ago. Why haven't I heard anything?
  Will I be awarded the amount of student aid (grants and loans) my FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) shows I'm eligible for?

Not necessarily. We will review your FAFSA results and award a Federal Pell Grant based on your eligibility. If that amount does not cover all of your educational costs, you may be eligible for a student loan.

  When is financial aid disbursed?
  Can I use financial aid to buy my books?
  After I submitted my FAFSA, I lost my job and my income has changed. Do I need to fill out an updated one?
  Why does the FAFSA ask for my parents' information? I've been on my own since age 18, and I pay my own taxes.
  If I drop a class will it affect my financial aid and will I owe money?
  I have a PELL grant, so why does my account show a balance due?
  How do I apply for Federal Work Study?
  How do I apply for scholarships?
  I received a private or department scholarship. Why doesn't it show on my account?
  Where can I find out how much I owe in student loans?