Grant Approval Process and Forms

The Grant Office assists the College in pursuing funding opportunities that align with the College's strategic priorities. In order to maximize the Grants Office's efforts, a grants approval process is in place.

Grant Approval Process

the Grant Approval Process allows you to present your project idea and get buy-in from all of the appropriate people and departments prior to requesting funds. It ensures that important considerations, such as the proposed project's alignment with the College's strategic priorities, requirement for matching funds, space needs, likelihood of funding and requirements to continue the project after the funding ends, are reviewed.

By answering the questions on the Grant Approval Process Flow Chart you will be able to determine if your proposal qualifies as a Small Grant or is one that requires more in-depth evaluation and approval.

Small Grant Approval

If you are requesting $10,000 or less for an existing project or program that does not require a commitment of new resources and the funding organization does not have a matching funds requirement, you can likely utilize the Small Grant Approval Form. Please submit the completed form to the Grants Office at least 30 days prior to the proposal due date. The Grants Officer may contact you with questions about the request. You will be notified whether the request has been approved or denied within five (5) business days.

Large Grant Approval

Certain grant proposals, including large grant renewals and agreements to partner with other organization, require review and approval by the appropriate Dean and Vice president This is generally true for requests for more than $10,000, proposals to implement new projects, or projects that require the College to provide matching funds or commit new resources. In these cases, notify the Grants Office at (92) 776-2021 for assistance. A Grant Information Sheet must be completed and submitted to the Grants Office at least 45 days prior to the proposal due date. The Grants Officer will facilitate obtaining approval of grant submission.

You have Approval to Apply for a Grant - Now What?

Once you receive approval to proceed with the grant application, the Grants Office will assist you with the proposal preparation and submission. Information about writing proposals is available in the Grantwriting Resources section of the website. The Grants Office is responsible for reviewing the final proposal and submitting it to the funding agency.

Funding Needs Identification

If you need financial support for a project or program, but do not know of a specific funding source you can contact the Grants Office at (928) 776-2021 to discuss your project idea. The Grants Office will provide you information about possible funding opportunities, as they become available.