Yavapai College Grants Office

We assist the college obtain federal, state, local, and private funding that aligns with the College's strategic priorities and meets the institution's financial needs not covered by state or college budgets.

Verde Valley campus

We serve the diverse needs of Yavapai College faculty and staff by:

  • Proactively identify funding opportunities
  • Facilitating program planning to support proposal development
  • Securing institutional approval prior to submission
  • Writing grant proposals
  • Managing proposal submission

Students seeking grants and scholarships: For information about grants, scholarships, and financial aid please contact the Financial Aid Office at (928)776-2152.

Grant Approval Process and Forms

The Grants Office assists the College in pursuing funding opportunities that align with the College's strategic priorities. In order to maximize the Grants Office's efforts, a grants approval process is in place.

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For more information contact

  • Marcia Jacobson, Grant Development Director
  • Building 32, Room 219, Prescott Campus
  • Phone: 928.776.2021
  • Fax: 928.776.2009
  • marcia.jacobson@yc.edu