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Website Navigation Assistance

The Answer Center can assist you whether you're a new or continuing student: (928) 776-2149. Please contact the Helpdesk if you have technical questions or problems: (928) 776-2168.

Digital Enrollment Guide

Smartphone and Tablet Assistance

  1. Where is the My Services menu on my smartphone?

Activate the My Services menu on your smartphone by tapping the square to the right of the Yavapai College logo. See image below.

Where is the menu on my smartphone
  2. I can't see the whole page or form on my smartphone or tablet.

Turn your device 90 degrees to change the orientation to horizontal. This will solve most viewing issues. If the screen won't rotate, find your device's settings (swipe up on iPhone/iPad to reveal your settings) and check your orientation lock. Unlock and try again to rotate automatically. If none of these suggestions work, contact our Helpdesk or the Student Services Answer Center.

Why won't my screen rotate
  3. I rotated to horizontal orientation and I still can't fill out the form. How do I tab to the next field?

Use the right and left arrows to tab to the next field. This will work even if you can't see the field.

How to tab on a smartphone

Website Assistance

  4. Where do I log onto the website?

See the red arrow. Call our helpdesk if you've forgotten your username and password: (928) 776-2168. Call Enrollment Services (928-776-2149) if you need to become a student, or go to our become a student tab to apply.

Where do I log onto the website?
  5. How do I reset my password?

Use the Password Reset Tool to reset your password. If this is not successful, call (928)776-2149 or (928)776-2168 for assistance. Instructions for using the tool.

  6. I've logged on, what now?

See the green arrow. The items that were available on the previous website through your portal are now accessible at the top of the Home Page when you log on, or on the myYC dashboard. Click the menus at the top, or the items on the dashboard to view your email, calendar, course information, services, and more.

Where do I log onto the website?
  7. Where are My Services?

See the red arrow. Go to My Services, Students, then select your item.

Where do I log onto the website?
  8. Where is my Y Number?

Your Y number can be found in multiple locations and is now printed on your student ID card. If you have an older card, you can find it by logging onto the website. Your Y number will be displayed at the top of the drop down when you click on Hello, Your Name.

Where's my Y number?
  9. Can I customize the way my information displays?

Yes. See the green arrow. You can change the size of your login menu items at the top, customize which icon shortcuts display, forward your YC email to your personal e-mail address, and more. Watch our website overview video for assistance.

Where do I log onto the website?
  10. How do I find my degree information?

Anyone with an active student account and a declared degree goal has access to our online degree audit system, DegreeWorks. To access the system, log onto the website and go to My Services, DegreeWorks (see image below). Your declared degree goal and information will automatically load. For help using the system, view our presentation, access the DegreeWorks flyer, or call Academic Advising for assistance: (928) 776-2106 or (928) 634-6510.

  11. Can I forward my YC email to a different address?

Yes. See the green arrow on the image below. After you log onto the website, click on Hello... , go to My Preferences/Account Settings, click on the Email & Calendar tab, fill in your preferred email address in the box provided, and SAVE.

All official college communications will be sent to your YC scholar account. If you redirect your college email, you assume full responsibility for reading e-mail at the forwarded location. Students are expected to check their college-related email prior to the first class meeting and at least once a week while they are actively pursuing a YC educational goal.

Forwarding my YC email
  12. Where do I find Financial Aid information?


Below are some useful links. For full information, go to our Financial Aid site or call (928) 776-2152 for Prescott, or (928) 634-6502 for Verde Valley.
  1. SALT - Loan and money management. Learn to take charge of your finances during college and beyond. Go to our Financial Aid SALT page for more information.
  2. Entrance Loan Counseling, Exit Loan Counseling
  3. Applying for FAFSA, the free application for federal student aid.
  4. Scholarship Information
  13. Where can I find research resources and databases?

Yavapai College has great resources, both online and in-person, to help students research and complete papers or projects.

You can access our Library resources from the Yavapai College home page by clicking on the Quicklinks drop down menu and selecting Library, or by going to the Students tab and selecting the Library link under Student Services . See the red circles on the image below.

Finding Library Resources

The Library home page lists their databases and other resources at the top. Don't forget to look through all of the services they have available.

YC Library

Learning Centers, located on the Prescott and Verde Valley Campuses, have in-person and on-line services available such as their online writing tutor.

Don't forget about our YC Cloud. You can use it to access all the software used at the college.

  14. How do I access My Transcripts/Grades?
  • Login at with your username and password
  • Using the links and drop-down menus, go to My Services, Students, and My Transcripts/Grades.

Do you have questions regarding grades and GPA? See p.38 of the 2014-15 catalog.

Do you have questions regarding academic standing? See p.42 of the 2014-15 catalog.

Would you like to make an appointment with an Academic Advisor? Call the Prescott (928-776-2106) or Verde Valley (928-634-6510) campus for assistance.

  15. How do I access the YC Cloud? allows off-campus access to computing resources through a Windows 7 desktop that contains all the software available in the YC general computer labs. Students, faculty, and staff can access the cloud 24/7. Additional Information.