Learning Center Resources for Study Effectiveness

Sometimes it doesn't matter how much time you spend studying. If you're not "doing it right," you may just be spinning your wheels. Use these resources to help you improve and hone your study techniques to get the most out of studying, and to get better grades!

  Transforming Good Students Into Great Learners Online Workshops

Many students starting college did well in high school, and subsequently study hard in college; yet they struggle to make grades that reflect their abilities & efforts. In many cases, this is due to their failure to adapt their approach to studying to the rigors demanded by college level course work. There’s a good chance you’re using methods that are ineffective for success in difficult college courses. Learn how to get the most out of your study time!

Session 1: Why Good Students Do Bad in College
Session 1 Handouts (print before viewing)
Session 1 Transcript for hearing impaired

Session 2: College Expectations & Textbook Mapping
Session 2 Handouts (print before viewing)
Session 2 Transcript for hearing impaired

Session 3: Applications to Individual Study Sessions
Session 3 Handouts (print before viewing)
Session 3 Transcript for hearing impaired

For more information, visit the LearnWell Projects web site.


  Improving Your Study Effectiveness

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