Learning Center Test Preparation

In college, tests are a natural part of life. It starts with the COMPASS placement assessment, and continues through graduation, and for many, with an exam for some sort of recognized certification. Use these resources to be prepared for the test you'll be taking.

  Test Taking VIDEO: How to Ace It!

Ace your tests in college! This presentation includes strategies for preparation as well as tips for taking objective and essay tests....a half an hour well spent!

  COMPASS Test Practice

You'll do best on the COMPASS placement assessment if you know what to expect, and have taken a little time to get your brain geared towards taking this test. Use these resources to get started.

You may want to take it a step further, and visit the Verde Learning Center to develop an individualized plan for preparing for the COMPASS. Stop by M-122 or call 634-6562 to make an appointment.

  HESI Nurse Entrance Exam Preparation

Admission to the Nursing program depends, in part, on how well you do on this important exam. Make sure you're well prepared to do your best! Access study help.

HESI Review sessions for students applying for Spring 2016 admission to the Nursing Program.  HESI review dates:

It is highly recommended that you attend all HESI prep sessions before taking the test.

  GED Preparation

Resources for self study for preparation for the GED exam. Visit this link

  Study Guide Zone

From ACT to vocational exams, this web site has study guides for them all. Visit the Study Guide Zone for free help preparing for a wide array of standardized exams. Visit this link

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