Verde Valley Learning Center

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Tutors are unable to do your homework, edit or proofread your work or help with take-home or online tests.

  Services Offered
  • Free tutoring in many subjects
  • Supplemental Instruction for MAT082,092,122
  • Computer work stations and wi-fi
  • Online Tutoring Services
  • Tele-tutoring by telephone
  • Computer-based tutorials and reference books
  • Group study rooms
  • Workshops for student success
  • COMPASS test preparation
  • WEPA printing
  Current Hours and Contact Information

Contact Us

  • Trisha Hartman Travis, Director
  • Building M, Room 122
  • Phone: (928) 634-6562
  • Tele-tutoring: (928) 634-6532

VLC Hours - May 1 - August 15, 2014

  • Mon - Thurs, 8 am to 4:00 pm
  • Closed Fri. - Sat. - Sun.
  • Tutors available during summer session, 6/2-7/24
  • 9:00am - 3:00pm

Verde Valley Fall 2014 Tutoring Schedule

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
ACC 9am-2:30pm 9am-2pm 9am-2:30pm 10am-3pm 10am-2pm
ANTHRO/HIST 11am-6:30pm 9am-6:30pm 12pm-6:30pm. 11am-4:30pm N/A
BIO 10am-2pm 12pm-2pm; 3:30pm-6:30pm 12pm-5pm
CHEM 10am-1pm N/A 12pm-5pm N/A N/A
CSA 9am-3pm 9am-3pm 9am-3pm 9am-3pm 10am-2pm
ENG/WRITING 11am-6:30pm 11am-6:30pm 12pm-6:30pm 11am-4:30pm N/A
GED STUDY 9am-6:30pm 9am-6:30pm 9am-6:30pm 9am-4:30pm 10am-2pm
MATH 9am-6:30pm 10am-6:30pm 9am-6:30pm 9am-4:30pm 10am-2pm
NURSING N/A N/A 12pm-3pm N/A N/A
PSYCH/SOC 11am-6:30pm 9am-6:30pm 12pm-6:30pm. 11am-4:30pm N/A

Tutoring schedules are subject to change without notice.