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The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a peer-directed organization within Yavapai College that meets members’ lifelong learning and social interaction needs.

YC-OLLI Mission - Click here

Prescott OLLI Mission


OLLI’s mission as a peer-directed organization within Yavapai College is to provide lifelong learning and social interaction opportunities. Talents, experience, and skills are shared in a relaxed environment to explore new interests, discover and develop latent abilities, engage in intellectual and cultural pursuits, and contribute to a rapidly changing multicultural and multigenerational society.

Prescott OLLI Vision

OLLI will continue to recognize the individuality of its members by emphasizing and expanding peer learning and social interaction. OLLI will:

    • Function as an “knowledge exchange” in which we utilize, appreciate, and recognize the time and talent of our members as planners, facilitators, organizational officers and committee members.
    • Provide a wide variety of learning groups, workshops and forums, as well as social and cultural events.
    • Serve as an important resource and forum for the discussion of current issues        and concerns of its members and the community.
    • Incorporate current and future technologies into our offerings to enhance the convenience and enjoyment of class participants.
    • Expand our OLLI interaction both nationally and internationally.




  • Literary Soutwest 2/5, 7 pm An Evening with Bernard Cooper, YC community room
  • Diversity Issues on College Campus 2/13, 10am PV Library Auditorium
  • OLLY OLLY Oxen Free starts Thursday 1/28, 11:30am, YC Cafeteria
OLLI Membership Details - Click here

Are you new to the Prescott area or looking for new experiences?

If you are, then the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is the place for you! OLLI offers interesting and stimulating learning opportunities in a relaxed setting where members share peer-directed activities with others who are dedicated to lifelong learning.

There are no tests or grades! We offer a variety of events throughout the year providing opportunities for socializing. Learn more by visiting the OLLI National Resource Center.

OLLI is a membership organization.

$155 Deluxe Membership

  • Take up to 4 learning groups per session at no additional cost.
  • Additional learning group(s) at $25 each.
  • Click for a scholarship application
  • Split your $155 membership fee into 2 payments, over 3 months.
  • Attend all regular OLLI activities.

$65 Basic Membership

  • Pay $25 per learning group.
  • Attend all regular OLLI activities.

New Member Information

  • Join us for the next New Member Orientation. Call the OLLI office to register: 717-7634

  • The OLLI New Member Packet Contents:

Registration Information - Click here
  • You can register 
    • * over the phone (717-7634), 
    • * in person (1100 E. Sheldon Street, Building 31 at Yavapai College in Prescott),
    • * through the mail (1100 E. Sheldon St, PMB #6912, Prescott Arizona 86301),
    • * or Online.
  • Online Registration Link - Click Here.
  • You must have internet access and an email address.
  • If you are already enrolled with OLLI, or any other non-credit class through Yavapai College, you already have an account. Try your email address as you user name.
  • The system will then allow you to reset your password.
  • Contact the OLLI office at 717-7634 if you are having trouble with your user name or password.
  • You must sign in with your user name and password, and have a current membership, in order to add OLLI learning groups to your cart.
  • If you need to renew your membership, add a membership to your cart first, then the system will allow you add learning groups to your cart.
  • Not sure of your membership status? Sign in, and click on “My Account”. If you have a current membership, you should get a pop up with your membership type. You can also view your history.
Volunteer Opportunities - Click here

OLLI is currently looking for a member to serve as Historian. The Historian is responsible for collecting article about OLLI, publications, and any other pertinent records for our OLLI and organizing them for presentation to the membership, and to insure a complete historical record for the future. Interested in getting involved? Contact the office at 717-7634.

OLLI is currently looking for members for the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee is responsible for recruiting and vetting potential Governing Council candidates, and assisting throughout the election process. Interested in getting involved? Contact the office at 717-7634.


Governance, Committees - Click here

Prescott OLLI Governing Council 2015/2016: Ward Stanke (Chair), Sandra Bennett, Saul Fein, Susan Gerhart, Carol Hammond, Bill McFarland, Pat Beitel (Vice Chair), Kelly Boryca, John Mangimeli, Frank Masse, Dave Rothgery, Ed Greenhill (alternate)

Committee Chairs: Bill Maxwell (Curriculum), Brene Baca (Finance), Vacant (Historian), Susan Gerhart (Innovation), Barbara Mace (Long Range Planning), Barbara Lake (Membership), Sandra Bennett (Policies and Procedures), Lydia Garrett (SIG), Mary Scherer (Social).


Summer 2015 Bylaws Adopted 

Policies and Procedures March 2016

Governing Council Minutes March 2016

Governing Council Minutes February 2016

Governing Council Minutes January 2016

Governing Council Minutes November 2015

Governing Council Minutes October 2015

Governing Council Minutes September 2015

Governing Council Minutes August 2015

Governing Council Minutes July 2015

Governing Council Minutes May 2015

Governing Council Minute April 2015

Governing Council Minutes March 2015

Governing Council Minutes February 2015

Governing Council Minutes January 2015





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