Printing Services at Yavapai College

 HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Effective August 10,2015-May 6, 2016

Ricoh Printing Services

Print Specs & Requirements

  1. Submit an electronic request for all jobs.
  2. Submit PDFs for best results.
  3. Submit one file for each request.
  4. Include a description of your print job.
  5. If you have several PDFs to be run as one job, combine the PDFs into a single file. Click for instructions.
  6. To use hardcopy originals, fill out a request, attach a dummy file, and send or bring your hard copy to Printing Services.
  7. Originals must be standard US paper sizes: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17. Exceptions include postcards, business cards, etc., and items that are cut to size.
  8. Incomplete requests will delay completion.
Help us serve you better - make sure your print request is accurate and complete!

Color print requests must include a charge code (FOAP) before they will be processed.