Marketing and Communications
at Yavapai College

Charged with the overall marketing and promotion of the College, we do this through research, data collection, multiple communication vehicles and by working in partnership with faculty and staff. We offer several services to the college community, and located in building 32 we're only a phone call (x2188) or e-mail away.

Yavapai College marketing dept. employees


The YC marketing department includes Tim Diesch, Amy Fruchter, Mike Lange and Kim Kapin.


"Thank you for taking the time to understand – I really appreciate this about your department these days!" -- Sheila Jarrell, YC registrar

Services include:

  • Assistance with writing a news release through its distribution.
  • Design services for flyers and brochures via the use of a Marketing Request Form, available via myYC portal
  • Assistance with requests for still photography (see below)
  • Guidelines and instructions for proper use of the Yavapai College logo.
  • Offer a branded toolkit (available through myYC portal) to create marketing materials for your own program or department.

Media Relations

If you are seeking staff or faculty interviews, quotes, stories, background information, or questions related to Yavapai College, please contact us.

  • Mike Lange (Marketing & Communications Director), (928) 776-2067;
  • Kim Kapin (Marketing Specialist), (928) 776-2323;

"Thanks, again, for all the hard work you put into getting nursing program exposure." --Mary Brown, Nursing Program Director

Request a highlight slide or news release for the Yavapai College home page or a brief message for the video board on Sheldon street

Please go to the online MessageHub page at

Request Instructions:
  1. If you have permission to submit, your login and password will take you to the message hub. If not, contact the Dean of your department to get added to the list for those who are approved to submit messages.
  2. Once you are at the message hub screen, click on the Create a Message link and follow the prompts. Enter information in all the fields and add any special requests or notes that you feel are necessary for distribution.
  3. Please allow adequate time (one to three days) for processing your requests.

"Tim: You never cease to amaze me. My request hardly leaves my mouth and it is done. Thank you very much, Tim."  --Judy Coonts, Chino Valley Agribusiness

Can I write my own news release?

Because this office is responsible for Yavapai College's media relations, contact with the media must be coordinated through the Marketing and Communications Department at YC.

The Communications Director is available to assist you with researching and writing a news release or news item for your program or event. It will help to speed the production of your release if you compile in advance the pertinent information (who, what, where, when, why, and how), along with any publicity photos that you may have.

While it is possible for you to draft the content of your own news release, it must then be shared with the Marketing & Communications Dept. for review, needed editing, and distribution to the media. This procedure works well because this office has established contacts with journalists and an up-to-date media list to maximize exposure.

"Great press release. It's very impressive! Thank you."  -- Dr. Penny Wills, YC President

Request still photography

Marketing-related still photography can be requested using a photo request form online. Once you've logged in to the web site, the form is accessible under the Employee tab --> My Services --> Employee Main Menu, which is where you'll see:

Photo Request link

I need a printed brochure, flyer, postcard, etc.

Yavapai College's Design Services is here to help. To initiate a design project, the design team needs a marketing request form or "MRF" (available in myYC portal) that details the project specifications and allows them to schedule and track it.

"Amy: The final proof of the trifold is totally fantastic. I cannot wait to show it to our staff and faculty. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put forth on this job."  --Erin Elsner, Public Services Education, PV Campus

  • FTSE-generating publications
  • All published advertising
  • Class schedules
  • Commencement programs
  • General brochures
  • General Catalog
  • Grant proposal charts and graphs
  • Professional Development AMA tabs
  • Program brochures and flyers
  • Registration and marketing campaigns
  • Student handbook/planner
  • Student Recruitment Viewbook

Have questions? Contact Marketing and Communications at