Aubrial Harrington

Verde Valley native Aubrial Harrington had an idyllic, rural, Northern Arizona upbringing: she grew up on an orchard and ranch along Oak Creek in Cornville, surrounded by different animals and steeped in the natural beauty of the area. 

"I know that growing up the way I have has contributed to what I believe in, and certainly what I am passionate about," Aubrial said. I have had a lot of really great opportunities to help organize events.

"I really love organizing things, especially things that contribute to the community and add value and variety to people’s experiences."  

The organizing experience that taught her the most--and the one that Aubrial feels is her biggest success--was Art Week. While high school at American Heritage Academy, Aubrial was given the opportunity to plan and coordinate a school-wide Art Week, which brought in artists from the community to teach students in their individual specialties.

Aubrial Harrington"The goal was to expose students to a range of wonderful art and to bring them into contact with passionate artists right here in the community," Aubrial said. "The administration actually allowed me to plan and direct an Art Week at the end of the school year, for three years in a row."

Aubrial was pleased by the positive response from the community artists. Indeed, several of those who taught during Art Week are Yavapai College instructors, and the College allowed a few of the students to come to YC and be taught in the instructors' on-campus facilities.

"Some of the resulting projects were absolutely stunning, and I know that it stretched and challenged many of the students, in a wonderfully interactive and fun way," said Aubrial.

As for her time here, Aubrial said that YC has been a great resource for her. "I've gotten to take quality classes in a more personal and smaller classroom environment than I would've at a larger university. I've also had the opportunity to participate in the Honors Program, which has been a really great experience.

Yavapai College has also allowed me to save a lot of money, which I'm hoping will allow me to go straight on to get my Master's Degree."

What advice can Aubrial impart for current and future students? "Make sure you find an advisor that you really like. That will make everything so much easier."