Office of the Registrar

  Mission and Purpose

The Office of the Registrar supports the College’s mission and strategic initiatives, as well as student success, by maintaining the consistency, confidentiality and integrity of student academic records; by managing and improving the functionality of the electronic student information system and online services as technology and best practices evolve; by supporting Instructional Deans and faculty in class scheduling, rosters and grading; and by interpretation of guidelines, rules, regulations and public laws of federal, state, and other regulatory and funding bodies, recommending new policy/procedure as needed to ensure institutional compliance.

A woman with six arms howing two laptops with a phrase So what does a registrar do

A Registrar...

  • Maintains the academic records of the institution
  • Schedules and registers students for classes
  • Schedules space and times for classes
  • Ensures that students meet graduation requirements
  • Plans commencement ceremonies
  • Processes grades
  • Prepares transcripts and diplomas
  • Produces data about students and classes
  • Ensures student data privacy requirements are met - see FERPA

From - August 26, 2014