CONGRATULATIONS! 2014 - 15 Graduates

Graduation Information

Commencement Live Stream

2015 Prescott Campus Commencement Ceremony
2015 Verde Valley Campus Commencement Ceremony

Attendance Not Required!

You did not have to attend Commencement to receive your diploma or certificate. Spring 2015 graduates are now conferred with a graduation date of May 4, 2015. You will receive your diploma or certificate by mail in late June. Any balance due to the College or holds on your record will prevent the release of the diploma or certificate.

Graduation Photos

GradImages® was the official photographer at this year's ceremony. Your photos are now available to view and order by visiting their website at Enter your last name, school name, then select 2015 from the drop down menu. Click on your name to view the photos.
If you need additional help to locate your photos, call our customer service department at 800-261-2576 or email us at