Student Academic Support

Information regarding Incoming Transfer Students, Student Grading System, Students Holds, Calculating GPA, and other pertinent student information.

Incoming Transfer Students

Important transfer student information

Standards of Academic Progress

Current policy standards of academic progress

Student Grading System

Yavapai College uses a 4.0 grading system.

Grades and Credits

Calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Manual GPA Calculation

  1. For each class, multiply the number of credits by the point value assigned (A=4, B=3, etc.).
  2. Add the points of all classes together.
  3. Divide by the total number of credits.


  • "A" in 3-credit class: 3 credits x 4 points = 12 grade points
  • "B" in 3-credit class: 3 credits x 3 points = 9 grade points
  • "A" in 4-credit class: 4 credits x 4 points = 16 grade points
  • Sum of 12 + 9 + 16 = 37 total grade points
  • Grade Point Average is dividend of 37 divided by 10 credits: 3.7 GPA.

Credit for Prior Learning

Current credit for Prior Learning policy

Tuition and Fees

Current fee structure

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