Faculty Support for Online Learning

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Whether you're beginning to teach online or are an experienced distance educator, our training and resources will support you.

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Webletter logoThe TeLS Webletter is a rich resource for learning about online tools, seeing what your colleagues are doing in courses, and current conversations about educational topics. 
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 Best Practices for Faculty Teaching Online

It is an exciting challenge to become an exemplary online teacher. The online environment is in many ways still a new frontier, where traditional methods and new technology meet. Our goal is to help you blend the best of these worlds to create great coursework for online, blended, as well as face-to-face classes.

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Every Blackboard course is designed with a "YC Resources" navigation link that takes them to our TeLS Student Support page. We offer live orientation workshops at the beginning of each semester, as well as and online orientation course in Blackboard. TeLS staff take help desk requests dealing with Blackboard our online environment, Tegrity and streaming media. In addition, we support your special requests for direct student trainings and projects.

 Media Services

Streaming and conversion

YC has a streaming media server, which allows online video and audio to be delivered efficiently to online learners. TeLS can help you stream your course content, as well as prepare all sorts of media for online or traditional courses. Self-service instructions and FAQ about the Blackhawk Streaming Server

Copyright law must be taken into consideration when using any copyrighted material, even in education. Our Copyright webpage provides best practices, information, examples and perspectives.

AV equipment

TeLS has Video Cameras and equipment, audio voice recorders, still cameras, and even slide projectors(!) for checkout to faculty.

Video production

Video production services are available for instructional projects.

Computer Lab

Our office has workstations for you to edit media, scan slides, photos and documents, test software and peripherals, etc.

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Faculty Web Spaces

Contact us to get your own YC web space for you to store web-accessible files or website. This file will assist you in accessing and uploading files to this space: How to access faculty web space via FTP

The Media Studio

We have a small studio with a green screen and teleprompter where you can produce high quality videos.

Videos made here: Medieval Dress-Up | Course Intro

TeLS Media Studio
 Copyright Issues

A fascinating subject that educators need to know about. Explore our Copyright webpage for information, examples and perspectives.

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 Trainings You Like

We are your training experts in all aspects of distance learning. We provide formal trainings as well as one-on-one help with virtually anything related to the subject. Check the YC Training Site for scheduled events, or contact us for an appointment. Our bi-annual Faculty Learning Institutes are fun events to connect with colleagues and staff on a wide range of topics in education today, technological and otherwise. They are great professional growth opportunities to give and receive training, participate in discussions, and collaborate on issues important to your work.

YC Training Site

 Professional Development

Professional Development does not only exist in conference sessions or the IT department trainings. You develop professionally all the time in conversations with colleagues, reading journals or books related to teaching, and in the interaction in the very classes you teach! You may belong to a group of educators that meet monthly, like the Verde Valley Cybersalon.

The internet offers ways to communicate with professionals and provides us with wonderful resources about our profession. From the TED Talks to Twitter, from educators who blog regularly to social bookmarking groups, the internet provides many opportunities to connect, create, share, and learn.