Tegrity Support for Students

Tegrity is a system that records educational content (classes, tutorials, videos etc.) and delivers it online.

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Tegrity may have audio, video and graphic content that plays like a movie. The recordings are usually accessed through a Blackboard online course, which has a "Tegrity" button in the navigation bar, but sometimes they may be linked to in a web page or email.

Tegrity Student Tutorial

Video Tutorial (.wmv Windows Media):Viewing Tegrity Recordings from Blackboard Video

Tegrity Student FAQ

What if Tegrity sessions don't open?

 What if Tegrity sessions don't open?

Before contacting the help desk, try these options:

  • Turning off pop-up blocking in your Internet browser, or hold the "Ctrl" key when clicking a Tegrity link to bypass blocking.
  • Turn off any virus protection software, especially Norton brand. You may have to disable this while viewing Tegrity.
  • Use another Internet browser.

Can I use Tegrity on a Macintosh Computer?

 Can I use Tegrity on a Macintosh Computer?

Yes. You will likely need a couple plug-ins (VLC multimedia, Silverlight) which Tegrity should alert you about when you open a recording.

PODCASTS: If you do have problems viewing on a Mac, you may be able to download podcasts into iTunes:

podcast and vodcast buttonsClick on one of the podcast buttons at the bottom of the Tegrity Viewer page to subscribe to the class podcast (podcasts or vodcasts depending on availability). iTunes should open and all the sessions for that course will be listed. To download them, click the "Get" button next to the individual sessions. NOTE: In iTunes you can double-click on the graphics to enlarge them; press "Esc" key to return.

There is also an iPhone app for Tegrity. If you try it and your course doesn't have listed recordings, ask your teacher to make sure they set their Tegrity settings to include vodcasts.

Where is the speed control on a Mac?

The tegrity player on a MAC doesn't have a speed control.

Why don't I see the video?

 Why don't I see the video?

PLAYER ISSUE: If the recording window opens but doesn't play, you should check the Microsoft website to see that you have the latest version of Windows Media Player (Windows) or the Microsoft Silverlight Player (Mac). Even if you do have a current version, you could also re-install the player software.

BROWSER ISSUES: Trying another browser can be a good way to get around online technical issues.

WINDOWS HARDWARE ACCELERATION: If that doesn't help, sometimes shutting off your Windows hardware acceleration can help (WinXP):

  • Open your Display properties
  • Click the Settings tab, and click the Advanced button
  • Click the Troubleshooting tab, and pull the slider under Hardware acceleration to None
  • Click Apply and Ok, then try opening Tegrity again.

What is the Tegrity viewer page?

 What is the Tegrity viewer page?

When you click the "Tegrity" button in Blackboard, a page pop open that shows the list of sessions one can watch - that's called the Tegrity viewer page.

Can I download Tegrity sessions for later viewing?

More Tegrity Help

 More Tegrity Help?
  • You can find help in the "Help" section of the Tegrity viewer page, by clicking the Help button in the upper right-hand section of the page.
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