Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

Yavapai College serves as a test site for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification testing. Candidates are responsible for registering for this testing on the ASE test registration webpage. ASE will assign each candidate an ASE number. After this has been assigned an appointment may be made with the Yavapai College Testing Center on the Prescott Campus by calling (928) 776-2200. Fees are paid directly to ASE. There are no additional fees to YC for testing.

An approved photo ID is required on the day of testing. Please do not bring notes, cell phone, and other personal items to the test. Nothing may be brought in the testing room. Pencils, calculator, and scratch paper are provided. Testing is done on the computer. Test results are available when the test is completed.

For more information concerning this certification testing contact the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
ASE website: (800) 390-6789

  July/August 2014 Yavapai College ASE Testing Dates
Jul 07 Monday 9:00 am
Jul 10 Thursday 1:00 pm
Jul 15 Tuesday 9:00 am
Jul 17 Thursday 1:00 pm
Jul 21 Monday 9:00 am
Jul 23 Wednesday 5:00 pm
Jul 28 Monday 9:00 am
Jul 30 Wednesday 1:00 pm
Aug 04 Monday 1:00 pm
Aug 05 Tuesday 9:00 am
Aug 12 Tuesday 9:00 am
Aug 14 Thursday 1:00 pm
Aug 19 Tuesday 9:00 am
Aug 22 Friday 9:30 am
Aug 27 Wednesday 5:00 pm
Aug 29 Friday 9:30 am