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All About Education Any N/A (unknown)
Excel Builders Scholarship Any N/A (unknown)
Jack Kent cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship any 3.5 $40,000.00
Navajo Nation Child Care Scholarship Any None (unknown)
NCCF Scholarship Any N/A (unknown)
TEACH Early Childhood Arizona Scholarship Education N/A (unknown)
TEST Any N/A $200.00
Society of Manufacturing Engineers - various scholarships Manufacturing Engineering or Technology 3.0 (unknown)
Minnie Pearl Scholarship Program N/A-hearling impaired 3.0 $1,000.00
Kaiser Permanante and National Association of Hispanic Nurses Scholarship Nursing 3.0 $2,000.00
Heroes' Legacy Scholarship Military Dependents Under Age 23 2.5 (unknown)
Association of Government Accountants Undergraduate Scholarship Accounting, ITS Management or Financial Management Acaemic discipline 2.5 $3,000.00
AAWCC Yavapai College Verde Valley Chapter Scholarship Any Yavapai College certificate or degree 2.75 (unknown)
Francis Marion Wildman III Memorial Scholarship Education or Engineering 3.0 $3,500.00
Business and Professional Women's Foundation Career Advancement Scholarship Women N/A $2,000.00
Matthew Shepard Scholarship and Laurel Hester Memorial Scholarship N/A-gay,lesbian, transgender 3.0 $1,500.00
Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students Accounting major - declared 3.3 $3,000.00
Nursing Scholarship Program Nursing N/A $30,000.00
Lloyd E. Burton Scholarship Fund Public Health N/A $500.00
National College Scholarship Program N/A 3.0 $5,000.00
Horatio Alger Arizona Scholarship Veterans 2.0 $5,000.00
Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program N/A 2.0 $20,000.00
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation High School Seniors 2.5 $2,000.00
American Quarter Horse Foundation Scholarships Designed for agencies assisting disabilities N/A (unknown)
Change Your World Scholarship Any 3.0 $3,000.00
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Any Student Transferring 4 yr College 3.5 $30,000.00
Soroptomist Women's Opportunity Awards N/A-woman N/A $500.00
Elks Most Valuable Student Competition Fraternal Organization yes $4,000.00
Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship Any N/A $60,000.00
Yavapai County Education Foundation Textbook Grant Education major at a Yavapai county college N/A $250.00
Custom Made Furniture Scholarship Any N/A $1,000.00
Custom Made Jewely Scholarship Any N/A $1,000.00
Gemvara Scholarship Sales N/A $1,250.00
Hispanic Scholarship Fund / College Scholarship Program Hispanic Ethnicity 3.0 $5,000.00
Le Petit Scholarship Any none $1,000.00
Prescott Gem and Mineral Club Scholarship Geology, lapidary or jewelry NA (unknown)
SMART Scholarship Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math N/A $41,000.00
The Minted Design Grant Art N/A $4,000.00
Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation Scholarship Ward of the State N/A $5,000.00
Elks Emergency Educational Fund Grant Fraternal Organization N/A $4,000.00
Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Scholarship All areas within the US Department of Energy Offic 3.0 $2,375.00
Aliene Carrington Ewell Scholarship Nursing N/A (unknown)
Americorps AmeriCorps Service N/A $4,725.00
AutoZone Scholarship Any Student N/A $2,500.00
CARQUEST Scholarship Any Student N/A $1,000.00
Common Knowledge Scholarships N/A - quiz based N/A $5,000.00
Early Graduation Scholarship Grant Program NA-Early high school graduate N/A $2,000.00
National Scholars Honor Society Scholarships N/A 3.5 $5,000.00
Nursing Scholarship Program Nursing N/A (unknown)
PEO Continuing Education Scholarship Women N/A $3,000.00
PEO Program for Continuing Education-Sedona AZ N/A N/A $2,000.00
Phoenix Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship/Fellowship Assistance Education Early Childhood, Social Work, Psychology 3.0 $800.00
Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship N/A-military, veteran N/A (unknown)
Women's Independence Scholarship Program (WISP) Women of domestic violence N/A $2,000.00
Talbot's Womens' Scholarship N/A-woman N/A $30,000.00
BRICK Award Any Student N/A $25,000.00
Department of Homeland Security Undergraduate Scholarship Various, see website for details 3.3 (unknown)
Organization of Chinese Americans Scholarship Any 2.7 (unknown)
Pilot Club of East Valley Scholarship Specialized program to work with persons with brai 3.0 $1,000.00
Undergraduate Nursing Education Scholarship Nursing N/A $5,000.00
Arizona Colleen and Rose of Tralee Selection Women N/A $1,000.00
The Point Foundation Scholarship Gay, Lesbian, Transgender N/A (unknown)
Freedom Alliance Scholarship Military Dependents N/A (unknown)
Mensa Member Scholarship N/A N/A $1,000.00
Mensa Member Scholarship N/A N/A $1,000.00
Gates Millennium Scholarship N/A 3.3 (unknown)
SuperSibs Scholarship Any 2.0 $1,000.00
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Mathmatics, Natural Sciences, Engineering 3.0 $7,500.00
AFL-CIO UnionPlus Scholarship Fraternal Organization 3.0 $4,000.00
Prescott Center for the Arts Scholarships Arts N/A (unknown)
Wal-mart Associates Scholarship Any Student 2.5 $3,000.00
Wal-Mart Higher Reach Scholarship Any Student 2.00 $2,500.00
Walton Family Foundation Scholarship Any Student 3.0 $3,250.00
ASDAR Star Student Scholarship Fund Fraternal Organization N/A $500.00
Average Student Scholarship N/A N/A $5,000.00
Elks Legacy Award Fraternal Organization N/A $1,000.00
Accounting Student Scholarship Accounting 3.0 $1,000.00
Arizona Community Foundation Scholarships -various Any Student N/A (unknown)
Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship Any 2.75 (unknown)
Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants Accounting 3.0 $1,000.00
Arizona Artist Guild Visual Arts Scholarship Art, Visual 2.0 $5,000.00
Arizona PTA Scholarship Program All fields of Study considered 2.65 $1,000.00
Caroline B. Holt Nursing Scholarship Nursing N/A $1,000.00
ChairScholars Scholarship Disability 3.0 $20,000.00
Clark E. DeHaven Scholarship Trust Food Service professions or related areas 2.75 (unknown)
Guest Curator Internship Art 2.0 $1,000.00
Leadersip in Landscape Scholarships Landscape architecture 2.0 $5,000.00
Lillian and Arthur Dunn Scholarship Fraternal Organization N/A $500.00
Madeline Pickett Halbert Cogswell Nursing Scholarship Nursing N/A $1,000.00
Rich Vogler Memorial Scholarship N/A-hobby N/A $1,000.00
Lockheed Martin Scholarship Program Bus admin, science or engineering 3.0 $5,000.00
National Association of Women in Construction Scholarship Construction Trades 3.0 $2,000.00
Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship Vegetarian N/A $5,000.00
Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund Greek Ethnicity N/A (unknown)
Jesse Brown Memorial Youth Scholarship Program N/A-volunteer N/A $20,000.00
Mathematics/Science Educational Scholarship Math or Science 2.75 $1,500.00
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarships Hearing Impaired N/A $5,000.00
ALPFA Scholarship Program Accounting, business, finance or IT 3.0 $1,500.00
American Chemical Society Scholars Program Chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering + 3.0 $3,000.00
American Legion Auxiliary Nontraditional Student Scholarship Fraternal Organization N/A $1,000.00
Anne M. Gannett Award for Veterans Music N/A $1,250.00
Arizona Nurses Foundation Scholarship Nursing N/A $1,000.00
Barbara Wiedner and Dorothy Vandercook Memorial Peace Scholarship Interests in peace, social justice, resolution N/A $500.00
BPW / AZ Foundation Scholarship Women N/A (unknown)
Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Women N/A (unknown)
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation N/A-military dependent 2.0 $2,500.00
McDonald's USA National Employee Scholarship Program N/A-McDonald's employee N/A $1,000.00
MUST Scholarship Program Science (physical), technology, engineering or mathematics 3.0 $10,000.00
National Federation of Music Clubs -various scholarships Music N/A (unknown)
National Italian American Scholarship Foundation General Category 1 N/A-Italian ethnicity 3.5 $12,000.00
Navy League Foundation Scholarships N/A-military, veteran dependent N/A $2,500.00
SunStudents College Scholarship N/A-volunteer 2.5 $2,000.00
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Study abroad Fall and/or Spring semester N/A $5,000.00
ETA Chapter Delta Kappa Gamma Grant-In-Aid Education N/A (unknown)
Morris K. Udall Scholarship Program Environment 3.0 $5,000.00
National Society of Accountants Scholarship Program Accounting 3.0 $2,000.00
Arizona Cattle Industry Research / Educ Fdn Cattle Industry related 2.5 (unknown)
Arizona National Livestock Show Scholarship Agriculture 2.5 (unknown)
Billiard Education Foundation Academic Scholarship N/A-sport 3.0 $2,000.00
Charlotte McGuire Scholarships Nursing - holistic 3.0 (unknown)
Discount Tire Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation Scholarship Discount Tire Employee Family Members 2.0 $2,000.00
Kohl's Cares Scholarship and Program N/A N/A $10,000.00
Single Action Shooting Society Scholarship N/A-hobby, club membership 2.0 (unknown)
Society of North American Goldsmiths Endowment Scholarship Jewelry making, goldsmithing or metalwork N/A $2,000.00
ACTEAZ Scholarship Program Technical Education Programs N/A $2,500.00
Arizona Paralegal Association Scholarship Paralegal 3.0 $1,000.00
Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Foundation Medical Condition N/A $1,000.00
Arizona Water and Pollution Control Association Scholarship Water and Wastewater Industry N/A $1,000.00
PAF's Scholarships for Survivors Any 3.0 $3,000.00
Gilbraitti Scholarship N/A N/A $500.00
Casey Family Scholars Scholarship /Hildegard Lash Merit Scholarship Orphan, Foster Care, Adopted N/A $6,000.00
Foster Care to Success Sponsored Scholarship Program Any N/A $6,000.00
National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program Varies based on scholarship N/A $12,000.00
Yavapai Cowbelles Scholarship Any N/A (unknown)
AICPA/Accountemps Student Scholarship Accounting, Finance or Information Systems 3.0 $2,500.00
American Assembly for Men in Nursing Foundation Scholarship Nursing 2.75 $1,000.00
American Medical Technologists Professional Scholarship Medical Technologies - see list below N/A $2,500.00
American Medical Technologists Student Scholarship Medical Assistant-see approved list N/A $500.00
Anna N. Dosen Serbian Education Fund Engineering and Health Services 2.0 $3,000.00
CampusRN Scholarship Nursing N/A $2,500.00
Clint & Marge Hawkins/Judge Leah B. McCartney Scholarships Member of Methodist Church N/A $2,000.00
Dependant Scholar Scholarship Any Student 2.0 $500.00
Johnnie Hurn Memorial Scholarship Education N/A $750.00
MG James Ursano Scholarship Fund Veterans, Military Dependent 2.0 (unknown)
Print and Graphics Scholarship Graphic communication, print technology, printing management or publishing 3.0 $5,000.00
Professional Scholar Food Industry 2.0 $2,000.00
Prospective Educator Scholarships Education N/A $500.00
The Helen Wolfe Scholarship N/A N/A $2,500.00
The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults Medical Condition N/A $2,500.00
University Women of Sedona Scholarship N/A-Women 3.5 $1,200.00
World Studio AIGA Scholarship Art, photography, film, video, landscape architecture, interior design or design disciplines 2.0 $3,000.00
American Indian Education Foundation Native American 2.0 $2,000.00
David Ahern Memorial Scholarship Fire Science, Firefighting, or Emergencyt Medical Tech N/A $1,000.00
Association of Government Accountants Community Service Scholarship Accounting, ITS Management or Financial Management Acaemic discipline 2.5 $3,000.00
Arthur J. Montgomery Scholarship Fund Fraternal Organization 2.0 $1,000.00
American Legacy Scholarship Military Dependents N/A $3,000.00
AMVETS National Scholarship Program Veterans N/A $1,000.00
Dr. Aureilio M. Caccomo Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship Veterans, Military Dependent N/A $3,000.00
Kathryn F. Gruber Scholarship N/A-veteran dependent N/A $2,000.00
Mountain Artists Guild Visual Arts Scholarship Program Art, Visual N/A $1,000.00
National Black Nurses Association Scholarship Nursing N/A $2,000.00
TACTYC Accounting Scholarship Accounting 3.3 $1,000.00
Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award N/A 3.5 $500.00
Healthy Choices Scholarship Any N/A $500.00
Healthy Choices Scholarship Any N/A $500.00
Healthy Choices Scholarship N/A N/A $500.00
Mike Terrin Memorial Scholarship law enforcement or criminal justice 2.0 (unknown)
Nursing Scholarship Nursing N/A (unknown)
SellUsedBooks Any N/A $1,000.00
Veterans United Foundation Scholarship Any 2.5 $2,000.00
Women in Transition Scholarship Accounting or Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting N/A $4,000.00
Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Program Veterans, Military Dependent N/A $1,000.00
Army Scholarship Foundation Scholarships Veterans, Military Dependent 2.0 $2,000.00
National American Arab Nurses Association scholarship Nursing 3.5 $1,000.00
National Collegiate Cancer Foundation Scholarship N/A-medical condition N/A $1,000.00
OASIS Scholarship Biology or Environmental Biology N/A $10,000.00
PEO Program for Continuing Education-Cottonwood Area N/A-Women N/A $2,000.00
Special People in Need N/A-disability N/A $4,000.00
Yavapai Cattle Growers Scholarship Agricultural Field N/A $1,000.00
Thuy Nguyen Scholarship Vietnamese American 3.5 $2,000.00
Keppra Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program N/A-medical condition N/A $5,000.00
Working Women's Scholarship Application Women 2.0 $2,500.00
MJSA Education Foundation Jewelry Scholarship Jewelry making and realted areas of study N/A $2,000.00
Past President's Parley Scholarship Assistance in Health Care Occupations Health Care Occupations N/A $300.00
Society of Women Engineers Engineering or computer science N/A $10,000.00
Tylenol Scholarship Nursing or Health Care N/A $5,000.00
Jewish Free Loan Jewish Community N/A $5,000.00
Rich Wade Memorial Scholarship Veterans 2.5 $500.00
Korean American Scholarship Foundation Korean Ethnicity 3.0 $2,000.00
Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Business with an Accounting emphasis 3.0 $500.00
Exceptional Nurse Scholarship Nursing N/A $500.00
National Pathfinder Scholarship N/A-republican N/A $2,500.00
Shirley G. Schmitz Foundation, Inc. N/A-small business N/A $1,000.00
The Betty Rendel Scholarship Political Science, government or economics N/A $1,000.00
Adolph Van Pelt Scholarship Native American N/A $1,500.00
Father Joseph N. Patterson Foundation N/A 2.8 (unknown)
Grodon and Lillian McaGregor Scholarship Nursing-Health Care 3.0 $2,000.00
Families of Freedom Scholarship N/A N/A $1,000.00
Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Foundation Scholarship Any 2.5 $2,500.00
Amber Sweeney Memorial Epilepsy Scholarship Medical Condition N/A $500.00
Association of Women Geoscientists Minority Scholarship Geosciences N/A $6,000.00
Automotive Hall of Fame Scholarships Automotive N/A (unknown)
Finance and Accounting Scholarship Project Accounting, Finance 3.0 $5,000.00
Steve Young Memorial Scholarship Fund N/A-law enforcement dependent N/A $15,000.00
Allogan Slagle Memorial Scholarship Native American N/A $1,500.00
David Risling Emergency Aid Scholarship Native American N/A $400.00
Displaced Homemaker Scholarship Native American N/A $1,500.00
Elizabeth and Sherman Asche Memorial Scholarship Public HealthTwenty-five percent Native American N/A $1,500.00
Emilie Hesemeyer Memorial Scholarship Education N/A $1,500.00
Friends of Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site Scholarship Hopi or Navajo Indian 3.0 $2,500.00
National Law Enforcement and Firefighters Children's Foundation Scholarship N/A-fraternal organization 2.5 $5,000.00
Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Support Award Women N/A $2,000.00
Association of American Indian Affairs - various scholarships Native American N/A (unknown)
American Indian Services Scholarships Native American 2.25 (unknown)
PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation Greek Ethnicity 3.0 $10,000.00
Linda Lael Miller Scholarship for Women Women N/A (unknown)
AES Engineering Scholarship Engineering N/A $500.00
Create Real Impact N/A N/A $1,500.00
Prospective Teacher Grant Education N/A $500.00
Mabel Frank Scholarship Any degree seeking student N/A $500.00
The Customized Girl Scholarship Any N/A $2,500.00
Stephen J. Brady STOP Hunger Scholarship N/A N/A $5,000.00
CenturyLinkQuote Scholarship N/A 2.5 $1,000.00
Just Home Medical Health Care Leaders Scholarhip Health Care Program N/A $1,000.00
BPW/AZ Foundation Scholarship None None (unknown)
Drive to Learn Scholarship Any N/A $1,000.00
Frame My Future Scholarship Contest N/A N/A $1,000.00
Education Scholarship Endowment of Yavapai County Educ major for grades K-12 3.0 $1,500.00
AARP Foundation Women's Scholarship Women, age 50-plus by March 30, 2013 N/A $5,000.00
Superpower Scholarship Any None $2,500.00
Peter Pasula Study Habits Scholarship None N/A $500.00
Phoenix Federal Women's Program Interagency Council Scholarship Any 2.0 $500.00
A.W. Bodine-Sunkist Memorial Scholarship Application Agriculture 2.7 $2,000.00
All About Education Scholarship Any None $3,000.00
Cappex No Essay Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
ScholarshipPoints Scholarship Any None $10,000.00
Top Technology Scholarship N/A N/A $2,500.00
Your Favorite Car Scholarship None None $500.00
Nursing Home Abuse Prevention Scholarship Nursing 3.0 $1,000.00
Pocketbook-Zookal Scholarship For Entrepreneurs Interested in entrepreneurship. None $2,000.00
Find a Law Scholarhip None None $500.00
NURSE Corps Scholarship Any N/A (unknown)
NURSE Corps Scholarship Nursing N/A (unknown)
B. Davis Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Maple Leaf Dentistry Scholarship Any 3.0 $500.00
LM Scholarship Program Any 3.0 $500.00
Proofreading Writing Scholarship Any 3.2 $500.00
Got a Spine Scholarship Any 2.5 $500.00
Home Security Scholarship Any 2.5 $1,000.00
QuikShip Scholarship Any N/A $1,500.00
Tylenol Scholarship Program Healthcare related field None $10,000.00
BigSun Athletics Scholarship N/A-student athlete N/A $500.00
BigSun Scholarships Any N/A $500.00
Lift Parts Express Scholarship Any 3.0 $500.00
Picture Your Success $10K Scholarship Any None $10,000.00
Goedekers Scholarship none 3.0 $500.00
Rand Marketing Web Design & Development Scholarship Any None $1,000.00 Any None $2,000.00
$10,000 College Scholarship Any none $10,000.00
Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship None 3.0 $500.00
GermWarrior Health & Wellness Scholarhip Any None $1,000.00
Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship Any 2.5 $500.00 scholarship Any none $1,000.00
Dorm Room Disaster Scholarship N/A 2.5 $500.00
Fire Starter Video Scholarship Art or Animation none $500.00
ItaliaRail Scholarship Any 3.0 $1,000.00
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship Any 3.0 $4,000.00
Stephen J. Brady STOP Hunger Scholarship N/A N/A $5,000.00
Spokeo Connections Scholarship Any 3.0 $1,000.00
Textbooks for a Year Any N/A $1,250.00
401 Business Financing Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
DermMedica Scholarship Any None $1,500.00 Scholarship Any N/A $5,000.00
Rock Hound Scholarship Science degree Program None $500.00
Excel Builders Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
ACLS Recertification Healthcare Training Scholarship Any; preference to medical programs None $2,000.00
Fly High Scholarship Any 3.0 $1,000.00 Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Impact a Life Any none $1,000.00 Scholarhip Medical Assistant 3.0 $500.00
YWCA Harriet M. Heatherington Scholarship Any 2.0 $1,500.00
Avon Representative Scholarship Any None $2,500.00
Marion Saben Peek Scholarship any None (unknown)
Prospective Teacher Scholarhip State Teaching Certificate 3.0 $1,500.00
SunStudent Scholarhip Any 3.5 $5,000.00
Remote DBA Scholarship Computer Science, Computer Engineering, other Technical field. N/A $3,500.00
Barbara Shay Memorial Nursing Scholarhip Registered Nurse 2.5 $1,000.00
Gene Shay Memorial Scholarship Business related studies 2.5 $1,250.00
Gene Shay Memorial Scholarship Business related studies 2.5 $1,250.00
Helen Dyer King Scholarship Any 2.75 $2,000.00
Small Business Success Scholarship Any None $1,500.00
Juanita Clark Memorial Scholarship Education None $750.00 Scholarships Nursing, Med Asst, Radiology, Health Care Adm, Video Game Dev, Computer Design or Graphics None $500.00
American Indian Foundation Scholarship Any None $2,000.00
Create Real Impact Scholarship Any None $1,500.00
HotelsCheap Higher Learning Scholarship Any None $1,500.00
Lighting55 - Scholarship program Any None $1,250.00
Senior Care Innovation Scholarship gerontoloy, medicine, nursing, social work, sociology, psychology, PT, OT, ST, long-term care adm. none $1,000.00
DrugNews Scholarship Biology, Medicine, Bio-Medical Engineering, Drug Research None $1,000.00
Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship Any None $5,000.00
MCO Scholarship Any None $500.00
Arrow Exterminators Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Mesothelioma Nursing Scholarship Nursing None $1,000.00
Global Lift Equipment Scholarship Any 2.5 $500.00
Internet Education Scholarship any 2.5 $1,000.00
Aftermath Scholarship any 3.0 $1,000.00
Astanza Q-Switched Laser Annual Scholarship Medical, Nursing, Engineering, Physics, Biology, Natural or Applied Science 3.0 $2,500.00
Dry Defender Protect Your Bed Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Dry Defender Protect Your Bed Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Lifestyle Dentistry Scholarship Any 2.5 $1,000.00
Zip Conferencing Scholarship Communications, Marketing, Business None $2,500.00
Friends of Hubbell Scholarship Any Declared Major 3.0 $2,500.00
Friends of Hubbell Scholarship Any Declared Major 3.0 $2,500.00
Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship biology, chemistry, biochemistry or related life-science field 3.0 $10,000.00
Grapevine Evaluations Scholarship Any 3.0 $1,000.00
Protect America Security Scholarship Law Enforcement, Justice Studies, Legal, Legal Adm. None $1,000.00 Pursuing career in Nursing 3.0 $500.00
Belltown Spine & Wellness Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
COIT Scholarship Any None $1,500.00
VETERANS PURSUING A CAREER IN LAW SCHOLARSHIP Career in Law 2.8 $1,000.00 Scholarship Any None $1,500.00 Scholarship Any None $1,500.00
Tutor the People Essay Scholarship Any N/A $1,000.00
Branded Bridgeline Communications Scholarship Any None $500.00
Classic Marble Restoration 'Path to Success' Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Clubs of America Scholarship Any 3.0 $1,000.00
Clubs of America Scholarship Any 3.0 $1,000.00
The Big Apple Adventure Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Karman Mobility Disability Scholarship any 2.5 $500.00
Karman Mobility Disability Scholarship any 2.5 $500.00
Psychology Access Scholarship Psychology, Counseling, Therapy, Social Work 3.2 $1,500.00
Psychology Access Scholarship Psychology, Counseling, Therapy, Social Work 3.2 $1,500.00
Tungsten Rings & Co. Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
BBZ Limo Scholarship Program Any None $1,000.00
CustomerBloom Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Walk-In Tub Review Scholarship any None $1,000.00
Apartment List Scholarship Any None $2,500.00
BusinessPlanToday Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Novus Biologicals Scholarship Science related field None $1,500.00
R&D Systems Scholarship Science related field None $1,500.00
Flosum Scholarship Computer Science, Computer Engineering, other Technical field. Electrical Engineering, Physics, Math None $750.00
Loganix Scholarship Any None $1,000.00
Ways to Watch Scholarship Any 2.5 $1,000.00
2016 PDF to Excel Scholarship Any None $1,000.00 Student Leadership Scholarship Any None $3,000.00
Future of Assisted Living Scholarship. Any None $2,000.00 Scholarship Any 3.0 $1,000.00
Healthcare Scholarship Healthcare None $500.00
Wattel & York Scholarship Any 3.0 $500.00
National Debt Relief Scholarship Science, Technology, Engineering, Math N/A Sun., Jan. 31, 2016 $1,000.00
Thumbtack School-To-Skills Scholarship Small Business Related None Sun., Jan. 31, 2016 $5,000.00
Thumbtack School-To-Skills Scholarship Small Business Related None Sun., Jan. 31, 2016 $5,000.00
USA University Student Scholarship Any None Sun., Jan. 31, 2016 $3,000.00
Most Promising Logo Design Scholarship Graphic Design, Product Design, Branding 3.0 Mon., Feb. 1, 2016 $1,500.00
Walnut Solutions Scholarship Computer Science None Mon., Feb. 1, 2016 $350.00
MyHeart Scholarship Medical, Nursing, Public Health, Nutrition, Exercise Science None Mon., Feb. 15, 2016 $1,000.00
MyHeart Scholarship Medical, Nursing, Public Health, Nutrition, Exercise Science None Mon., Feb. 15, 2016 $1,000.00
Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship Any 2.5 Sun., Feb. 28, 2016 $10,000.00
One Tri Student Scholarship Any None Mon., Feb. 29, 2016 $500.00
Sleepopolis Scholarship Any 3.0 Thu., Mar. 31, 2016 $1,000.00
Reservation Counter Scholarship Any None Fri., Apr. 15, 2016 $1,500.00
Remote DBA Scholarship Any 2.8 Sun., May 1, 2016 $2,000.00
MyBioSource Scholarship S.T.E.M major, or other major 3.0 Tue., May 31, 2016 $1,000.00
ThePensters Scholarship Any None Tue., May 31, 2016 $1,000.00
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship All Students N/A Fri., Jun. 10, 2016 $1,000.00
Excel University Scholarship Accounting None Thu., Jun. 30, 2016 $500.00
Aspiring Occupational Therapist Scholarship Program OT/PT None Fri., Jul. 1, 2016 $1,000.00
Bella Bathrooms Scholarship Any None Fri., Sep. 30, 2016 $1,000.00
Psychology Access Scholarship Psychology, Counseling, Therapy, Social Wrk 3.2 Sat., Oct. 1, 2016 $1,500.00
CANDERE SCHOLARSHIP Any None Fri., Dec. 30, 2016 $350.00
Vi-Tae Scholarship Any None Fri., Dec. 30, 2016 $1,000.00
The Expert Institute Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship Healthcare or Life Sciences 3.0 Sat., Dec. 31, 2016 $1,000.00