YC District Governing Board October 2013 Meeting Report

Sedona "Vision" Presentation Highlights Meeting

Last updated: 4/11/2016 4:05:12 PM

The Yavapai College District Governing Board (DGB) held its monthly meeting on October 2 at the college’s Sedona Center for Arts & Technology campus. The five-member DGB, which is comprised of elected Yavapai County residents from five districts, is responsible for governing on behalf of and is accountable to Yavapai County taxpayers. Board members Dr. Dale Fitzner (president), Dr. Patricia McCarver and Herald Harrington were present at the meeting. Ray Sigafoos and Charles Leon were unable to attend.


Highlighting the meeting was a presentation by representatives of the City of Sedona on the city’s “Imagine Sedona 2020 and Beyond” community planning process. Sedona Mayor Rob Adams, Senior Planner Mike Raber, and Judy Maloney, former Board Chair of the Sedona International Film Festival, presented their vision of Sedona as a national center for education of the arts and culture and Yavapai College’s role in achieving this vision.


Actions taken at the October 2nd meeting include:


The Board passed a motion to support reinvestment in on-campus student housing on the Prescott campus. Board members asked YC Vice President Clint Ewell, who is responsible for plans to upgrade student housing, to provide by the November 13th DGB meeting a detailed report on funding options for the proposed $5.2 million renovation of current student housing.


The Board adopted the updated 2012-13 DGB Education Calendar, which outlines the Board’s timetable and process for publicizing, discussing and voting on the YC budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year. The discussion of this motion included the announcement of plans to publicize and hold community forums in November to give the public opportunities to learn about and comment on the budget and budgeting process. This is in addition to the expanded, detailed and in-depth YC budget page (http://www.yc.edu/v4content/budget/) on the college website for public consumption.


The Board approved the process for procuring legal counsel services for the DGB.


Reports/Announcements included:


The Yavapai College Foundation (YCF) will hold its 3rd annual “French Flair” fundraiser on Thursday, October 25 on the Verde Valley Campus in Clarkdale. The event raises funds for the capital campaign for the creation of the Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College.


The DGB’s next meeting will be held Tuesday, November 13 on the Yavapai College Verde Valley campus in conjunction with a public Grand Opening to introduce the public to the many major campus renovations completed over the summer.


The Rural Community College Alliance (RCCA), whose recent annual conference in Dubuque, Iowa was attended by YC leaders, will hold its 2014 national conference in Prescott.


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