Student Transcripts

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Transcripts are the permanent academic records of each student maintained by Yavapai College of the courses completed, grades assigned, credit earned, and credentials awarded. Transcripts are protected by federal law, are confidential and are issued only by request from the student.

Yavapai College official and unofficial transcripts

Official transcripts are printed on safety paper with bank-note style features that protects students' records from tampering. Normally, official transcripts are required by colleges and universities and by potential employers. There is a charge for official transcripts.

Unofficial transcripts are generally used by students for their own records. Unofficial transcripts are available to students by logging onto the website, then go to My Services, Students, Transcripts and Grades.

Note: Transcript requests are not accepted by telephone, fax, or e-mail. In compliance with federal law, transcripts are released only with the written consent of the student. No other person (including parent or spouse) may authorize a student's transcript to be released.

See the Answer Center to request a Yavapai College transcript.