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Application for Degree/Certificate

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All fields are required for the application to be processed.

Student Information

Please login to your YC account and go to My Account -> My Personal Information to verify that both your permanent address and mailing address are current.
Student Name
Email Address
Cell Number
Name as it should appear on the diploma
Notes specific for desired name (NA if none)
Y Number

Catalog Year

Degree or Certificate Choice


Is the student completing a transfer degree & its AGEC for same graduation semester? Indicate both on one graduation application.

For all other degrees and certificates, indicate only one per graduation application. This includes any AGEC completed/conferred in a different semester from the transfer degree.

AGEC Block

Transfer Degrees

Associate of Applied Science Degrees

Academic Advisor

Anticipated Graduation Date

Additional Student Information

Do you need outside credits to graduate?
 Yes   No
If yes, where from and when will you be completing them?

Are you planning to participate in the general graduation ceremony in May?
 No, I won't be participating
 Yes, the Prescott Ceremony
 Yes, the Verde Valley Ceremony

Do you have ADA requirements for you or family attending the graduation ceremony?
 Yes   No
If yes, please itemize the needs:

DegreeWorks Upload

A PDF of the degree or certificate requirements completed or in progress must be uploaded.

The student gives Yavapai College permission to publish their name as indicated above on the diploma or certificate, in the graduation program, and provide directory information to other educational entities.

The student agrees to the terms
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