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Annual Academic Review Form


Please analyze your Program Review Data and answer the following questions based on three primary indicators (Demand, Completion, and Success) and Resource Utilization.

1. Demand: Review the Demand Indicators

  • Summary (5-year Trend in Total SCH, Head Count, Average Class Size)
  • Demographics (Program Type and Average Grade; Total and by Individual Course)
  • Enrollment (5-year Trend in District, Head Count, SCH by Program Type, SCH by Location, SCH by Delivery Mode)

2. Completion: Review the Completion indicators

  • Summary (5-year Trend in the number of degrees/certificates awarded)
  • Graduates (5-Year Trend in Graduates in the AAS program and Certificate program(s))
  • Hours to Award (Average Semesters to Graduate and Earned Hours by Student Type)

3. Success: Review the Success indicators

  • Success Rate (5-year Trend in Overall Success Rates and by Semester)
  • Success Rate: Core Courses and Delivery Method (Classroom, Online, Hybrid, and Overall)

4. Resource Utilization: Review the Resource Utilization indicators

  • Summary (5-year trend in number of Full-time faculty and Adjunct faculty and SCH taught by Full-time and Adjunct faculty)

5. Other Information