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Syllabus Development

Syllabus Purpose and Standards

A learning-centered course syllabus is a learning plan for students and is required for every course that is offered at Yavapai College. The official Yavapai College course outline is the foundation for the course syllabus. While the course outline defines the learning outcomes and content required for district-wide delivery, the course syllabus is where the instructor brings the course alive. It injects instructional creativity, innovative instructional strategies, and directed accountability into the course.

Every course syllabus must incorporate the components identified below in the Required Components of the Course Syllabus section. While instructors may prepare the course syllabus in the professional format that best represents the course and meets the needs of students, a template is available to assist in syllabus development. A copy of your completed syllabus must be provided to your Dean/Associate Dean prior to the first class meeting.

Required Course Syllabus Components:

  1. Course title and number
  2. Credit hours
  3. Name(s) of instructor(s)
  4. Office location
  5. Office or Web hours
  6. Course goals
  7. Course description
  8. Course requirements
  9. Methods of evaluation; grading system, including plus and minus grade policy, how grades will be posted
  10. Makeup exam policy
  11. Required and optional texts
  12. Final exam date and time
  13. Other required course material
  14. YC Policies & Guidelines
  15. Syllabus Calendar, Schedule or Agenda. Detail how the learning outcomes are aligned to the activites/assignments.  See the syllabus calendar template below for an example.