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Computer Help

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks for Academic Computer Use

Computers are a part of everyday life, especially for students. If you’re not entirely comfortable using a computer to communicate with teachers & classmates, to write and submit papers, and to create classroom presentation, here are some resources to help you remedy that.

Should I Take an Online Course?

If you're not sure if online learning is for you, here are a couple of resources to help you decide.

Basic Digital Literacy

This free educational site provides lessons, videos, and interactive features to help you learn and practice skills using computers, reading (for both native and non-native English speakers), and fundamental math concepts.

Help using the Microsoft Productivity Programs

The most commonly used productivity programs are contained in the Microsoft Office Suite. These interactive tutorials will help you learn the skills needed to use these programs to complete your college assignments.

Creating Spread Sheets

Here is a quick tutorial on how to set up a spread sheet for managing your own expenses. Spreadsheets have many uses, so once you learn how to create one, you’ll find many new ways to use this skill.

Creating a Presentation

You have a dreaded presentation assignment coming up! No need to panic....create a snappy and eye-catching visual aid. Here is a good tutorial on how to create a presentation using PowerPoint. If you want something a little more dynamic and interesting, try using Prezi to create your presentation online. Either way, you'll keep your audience's attention!

The Internet and Worldwide Web Primer

Use this Web Primer to learn how to connect to the Internet, browse web pages, navigate web sites, use search engines, and exchange e-mail with others.

Computer Security and Privacy

This interactive course will help you gain confidence in computing by explaining the risks and threats to computer security and privacy so that you can understand and prevent them (view in Chrome or Internet Explorer).

Support for Online Learning

Taking an online class and not sure where to start? Whether you're a beginning online learner or an experienced one, Support for Online Learning will give you the tools you need to be successful, including help using Canvas.

Tips for E-mail Communication with Professors

Professors expect you to communicate in a professional manner in college. Refer to these tips to help you.

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