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Learning Centers at YC Individualized academic support for students

Welcome to Summer 2022! June 6 through July 28, 2022

Succeed in School! Finals Preparation Begins the First Day of Class!

Contact the Learning Center for more information about your success!


You can use our full range of FREE services both on-campus and online:

  • Tutoring Services - On-campus tutoring is back in full force, and we continue to offer drop-in Zoom sessions, too. No appointment required. There are tutors available all seven days of the week.
  • Student Success Workshops Schedule  - Schedule a one-on-one on-campus or Zoom workshop for your own custom session on learning- and life-skills that support you meeting your goals smarter.

The Learning Centers are OPEN to all YC enrolled students for tutoring, independent & group studying, and student success workshops.

Take loving care of yourselves while continuing to focus on your long-term goals. We appreciate you, and we look forward to supporting you and celebrating your achievements with you.

All the best to you, your family, and friends,

The LC Team

Succeed in School!

In-person, Online, One-on-One and Group Workshops, Tutoring and other academic support services

The Learning Centers provide individualized help for all students in a supportive and comfortable learning environment, which nurtures academic independence and success