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Workshops and Study Skills

Free, individualized student success workshops and resources links that will help you develop study strategies suited to your individual learning style

FREE Student Success workshops and resources

Choose one-on-one workshops by appointment or research the study skills resources that work best for you.

Choose one or as many as you like!

Free Your Mind

Inspired by a Zentangle experience, this workshop uses artful designs that direct your attention away from stress and anxiety and toward creativity and calm.

Create New Habits That Work for You

Everything we do on a regular basis whether we like it or not, is a habit. This workshop teaches you to create the habits that lead to your success and eliminate the habits that keep you from reaching your goals. Be prepared to change your life in the direction you want to go and be amazed at how easy it is to do this.

Time Management & Organization

Learn about effective time management and organization techniques and get tips on how to overcome the procrastination bug.

Engage Your Brain for Learning

Experience activities that may assist you in warming-up your brain so that learning can take place more easily.

Effective Note Taking

Learn strategies for taking notes before,during, and after class for better comprehension and retention.

Textbook & Literature Reading Strategies

This workshop is designed to introduce students to a variety of reading strategies to use before, during, and after reading to engage their thought processes.

Creating a Successful Study Group

Learn all you need to know to form and structure effective study groups for your classes.

Science Study Skills

This workshop will teach you how to study more efficiently and improve your performance in science courses.

The Study Cycle is Exam Preparation

Test Preparation begins the first day of class. Applying the Study Cycle in your courses will make learning manageable day by day and prepare you for all your quizzes and exams.

Calming Test Anxiety

When we experience stress, our processing brain may simply become unavailable. Learn simple activities that can keep you relaxed so that you can process the information you have learned and stay present and focused during your exams.

What is In a Thesis Statement? and Other Essay Writing Tools

Creating a thesis statement is often the hardest part of essay writing. In this workshop, we will discuss tools to create effective essays including outlines, drafts, and thesis statements.

Writer’s Workshop: Basics of Writing Styles: APA, MLA, or Turabian

This workshop should answer most of your basic questions about the writing style you need.

Graphing Calculator Workshop

Are you taking a math course this semester? Discover the capabilities of what your graphing calculator can do while getting all your questions answered.

More workshops coming soon! Please check back