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Join one of our tutors via Zoom during their schedule times

Drop-In Tutoring Support

Fall 2022 Semester - August 15 - December 10

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in-person/on-campus or via Zoom.

Our Fall Tutors


annie tutor


tiffany tutor


steve tutor


pam tutor


don tutor


manu tutor


keenan tutor


dick tutor


lynn tutor


julia tutor


austin tutor




Steps to join a tutor session:

  1. See the link for the tutor schedule above. 
  2. Find the tutor that works with your schedule. Each tutor listed shows the days and times they are available to meet as well as which courses they can support. If they meet via zoom, they will have a zoom link listed. 
  3. For zoom meetings: At the designated meeting time, click on the zoom link to enter the tutor's zoom room. note: (If you click the hyperlink any other day or time, you will still be allowed to enter the zoom room but the tutor will be unavailable.)
  4. If you have any questions, please contact the Learning Center staff. 

If a tutor is not listed below for the subject you need, please contact the Learning Center at (928) 776-2085. 

check these support resources for Zoom online meetings: How to join a Zoom meeting

Online Writing Tutor

Submit your paper for review and comments by a tutor. We ask that you allow a maximum of two (2) business days turn-around for a response. Often, responses are in the same day.

Remember, this is not an edit/proofread service and that the tutors can work with you to help you improve your writing assignments.