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Addressing Outbound Mail

The Ten Commandments of Complete Addressing

  1. Always use the return address.
  2. When an attention line is necessary, put it first.
  3. Use abbreviated directionals in the address block (ex: East (E), Street (ST), Apartment (APT), Circle (CIR), etc.)
  4. Use state abbreviations in the address block (ex: Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Iowa (IA), etc.)
  5. Put the ZIP Code on the last line next to the city and state. If you know the ZIP+4 Code, please use it.
  6. Type or print the address clearly in the middle of the envelope.
  7. Allow at least one inch margins to the left and right of the address.
  8. Left justify each mailing address.
  9. Print the address in dark type on white or light-colored envelopes.
  10. Whenever possible, use business or courtesy reply envelopes.

Other Important Addressing Information

  1. The address should be typed in all capital letters. Do not use any punctuation in the address except for the hyphen in the ZIP+4 Code.
  2. All lines of an address should have a uniform left margin.
  3. Do not let the letters and numbers of your address touch. The U.S. Postal Service optical character reader (OPC) cannot tell where one ends and another begins.
  4. Leave one character space between words and two spaces between the state abbreviation and ZIP Code.
  5. Avoid dual addressing whenever possible. (A dual address includes both a post office box number and a street address) (See Examples)
  6. City names should be spelled out completely, such as Prescott Valley. (Not Prescott Vly) Additional address information, such as apartment, room, building, etc. Should be placed on the same line as the street address, with one space separating each word.

Examples: (Use only the ** address)

  • Grand Products Inc.
  • 100 Major St
  • ** PO Box 200
  • Portland OR 97213-1001

  • Grand Products Inc.
  • ** PO Box 200
  • 100 Major St
  • Portland OR 97213-1001

Your address at Yavapai College (Prescott Campus) should read as follows:

  • Your Name
  • Your Deparment
  • Yavapai College
  • 1100 E Sheldon St PMB 6xxx
  • Prescott, AZ 86301-3297

Advertising Mail

How can I stop delivery of advertising mail at my house? The Postal Service cannot refuse to deliver mail if proper postage is paid. However, you may contact:

  • Mail Preference Service
  • Direct Marketing Association
  • PO Box 9008
  • Farmingdale NY 11735-9008

and request that their members remove your name from their mailing lists. Because not all mailers are members of this organization, your request will not stop all of your advertising mail; however, it will stop some.

You can also exercise your right to control delivery by marking "Refused" on the mail and returning it unopened to the Post Office.

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