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Marketing Mail (bulk mail)

Any mailing that has 200 or more pieces of the exact same mail piece must go bulk mail

Please call the Mail Center for instructions before starting to prepare your Bulk Mailing.

Standard (Bulk) Mail Request Form

There are specific guidelines that must be followed for your mailing to be accepted as a bulk mailing by the Post Office, so please let us help you prepare so that you do not have to re-do work.

The Standard (Bulk) Mail Request Form is the first step in your contact with the Mail Center when processing a bulk mailing. Please fill out and submit this form.

The Mail Center is now able to process letter-size saturation mailings for you. Please contact Becky Goldsmith for more details.

Lead time requirements

  • 2,000 pieces or less - 2 to 3 days.
  • 2,001 or more pieces - 3 to 5 days.
  • Saturation (simplified address 'postal patron') - 1 - 2 weeks.

* Please contact us for details before printing your mail pieces.

File type info

When sending an address file to the Mail Center for us to prepare for a bulk mailing, please send it in a delimited text format, preferably an excel file.

Return address template

Please contact us for a personalized return address template or mailer page when printing a flyer for bulk mail purposes. It has the YC logo in the return address column and the bulk mail imprint in the upper right hand corner.

Mail Merge items

We now have the capability to help you with mail merge projects and folding/inserting. Please contact us for details.